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Advice for moving to a new company building

Moving to a new company building can be a challenging task. That’s why in this article you will find several handy pieces of advice to streamline this process.

Use a moving company

The first thing that you should do when you are planning a move to a new company building is using a moving company. It is unprofessional to have your employees pack up all their stuff and move furniture, especially since these tasks are not included in their contracts. A moving company ensures a move proceeds smoothly due to their expertise. Make sure to opt for a moving company with a great reputation such as

How close to the highway is the new location?

The second factor that you should consider when moving to a new location for your company is how close the building is to the highway. This is especially important if your HQ will not be in the middle of a metropolitan city. Employees will need to commute to the location every single day, meaning that it is important to limit the time to commute as much as possible. Having a highway closeby ensures that the daily commute is quite quick for most of your employees, boosting productivity.

Update your contact information

It is also important to update your contact information when moving to a new location for your business. It would be very unprofessional if a client turned up to the old building simply because you didnt update this information or due to you not informing the customers over this. That's why it is wise to have someone take a look at all places where your contact information is found and let them alter it. Think not only of places such as your website, but also on social media platforms and business cards.

Guide colleagues

Furthermore, you should make sure to guide colleagues. Some people have a bit more trouble transitioning to a new work environment compared to others. Make sure to be available for your colleagues if they need help navigating the new space or have any questions about company policies. This will not only help them adjust better, but also contribute to a more efficient and cohesive team dynamic.

Reorganise the workplace

Finally, moving to a new location provides you with a great opportunity to reorganise the workplace. It is impossible to have a work environment that maximises your productivity, which is why it is wise to take a step back and look at what your current workplace lacks and find ways to improve your new workplace to resolve this problem. This results in a more functional and efficient workspace, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

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