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A Manager’s Guide To Choosing The Right Office Desk

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As a manager, the desk you choose for your office space is one of your most important decisions. Though it’s just a desk, it can have a surprising impact on your productivity, focus, and mindset at work. Studies show that managers and employees who invest in high-quality, ergonomic workstations found a 25% increase in their productivity than those with subpar desks.   

So, take the time to thoughtfully evaluate desk options for your own workspace. Don’t just default to whatever desk happens to be available or what you’ve used before. Instead, make the most of your office environment by taking a strategic approach and spend on a managerial desk that fits your needs.  

That said, this article will serve as your guide in choosing the right office desk that’ll help maximise your engagement, focus, and leadership from your office.  


  • Prioritise ergonomics and comfort  

When selecting a desk, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour if you make ergonomics and comfort a top priority. Uncomfortable desks can lead to back, neck, and wrist pain, not to mention general fatigue. And remember, uncomfortable managers are more likely to have lower-quality leadership and poor decision-making.  

So, instead, look for adjustable, sit-stand managerial desks to allow you to shift between standing and sitting. Then, pair it with a chair that provides ample lumbar support. You can also get a monitor arm so you aren’t straining your neck to view your screen.

With an ergonomic managerial desk, it’s a money well-spent that can help you stay focused and alert despite having to sit most of the day. You can also avoid those nagging aches and pains that could drag down your productivity.  


  • Evaluate your workspace size needs  

Take some time to envision how you’ll use your desk day-to-day. What does your ideal workflow look like? Do you regularly review reports and layouts on paper? If so, you’ll need ample surface area for spreading out documents. Or are you fully digital with dual monitors and minimal printouts? Then, you may be fine with a more compact desk footprint.  

Think about your specific responsibilities too. For example, if you’re a sales manager, you may need space to review product samples and catalogues. Meanwhile, if you’re the head of product development, you may need more desk space for prototypes and lab samples.   

And don’t just think short term! Your role will evolve over time, so leave room to grow. And consider if you’ll ever need extra space for meetings with 1-2 employees. You don’t want to feel cramped while collaborating in your own office.  


  • Don’t skimp on storage space  

Did you know that 6% of office workers, including managers, come to work late because they are searching for lost items? That is why choosing an office desk with ample storage space is paramount.   

So, think about how much storage space you’ll need for your files, supplies, and everything else that might clutter up your desk. Choose a managerial desk that features plenty of drawers, shelves, cabinets, or compartments. Having proper storage keeps your desk tidy and avoids misplacing items. It also contributes to a professional appearance for meetings at your desk. With enough office storage, you’ll avoid wasting time rummaging through piles and clutter trying to find what you need.  


  • Splurge on premium materials  

Don’t hold back when it comes to materials – treat yourself to premium finishes that make you look and feel like the boss you are! Go for an office desk made of high-end wood, metal, or other luxe finishes. These quality materials can project professionalism and executive presence.  

Natural wood also adds warmth and timelessness to your space. It can make meetings feel more relaxed and welcoming. Consider acoustics too. Solid wood absorbs sound nicely for fewer distractions. Meanwhile, glass and metal tend to amplify noise if you take calls there often.   


  • Choose a multi-purpose office desk  

To fully maximise your office desk, opt for one that can multitask. Look for modular desk systems you can reconfigure down the road. For instance, high-top tables can pull double-duty since you can use them as standing desks or impromptu meeting areas. You can also invest in a compact meeting table and chairs that work for your desk surface too. This allows meetings without heading to a separate conference room.   

A multi-purpose office desk can provide you a great value for money. As your role evolves, you can modify your layout on the fly. It keeps your office setup feeling fresh while saving the expense of brand-new desks and chairs each time.   


  • Accommodate technology  

Ensure your managerial desk is well-equipped technologically, considering that most managers rely heavily on technology like laptops and dual monitors on a day-to-day basis. So, look for an office desk spacious enough for multiple screens and devices without feeling cluttered. Make sure cables and wires can be neatly tucked away before they become tripping hazards. Furthermore, consider investing in drawer charging stations and built-in USB ports.   

The right desk accommodations can make technology an asset rather than a hindrance. So, choose a desk designed for today’s digital manager.   


  • Test options in person  

Never select a desk without first testing it in person - no matter how enticing the photos or description sound. There is no substitute for physically sitting at a desk, opening drawers, standing next to it, and evaluating comfort and spaciousness firsthand. This holds true even if selecting a high-end luxury desk brand you already know and love. Always personally validate furniture to your exact specifications prior to purchasing.  


The Bottom Line  

Choosing your managerial desk is an exciting chance to create your ideal workspace. Take the time to think through your needs and preferences. Test out different options in person - never rely just on photos or descriptions. Most importantly, keep your own comfort, productivity and happiness top of mind. This is your space to maximise your potential as a leader. Now get out there and start desk shopping - you’ve got this!

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