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A Guide to the Installation of Home Elevators

A Guide to the Installation of Home Elevators

Installing a home elevator can give any home a luxurious look and prestigious floorplan, while also making it easier to access the upper level. Thus, these impressive renovations are useful for both aesthetic and functional improvement in the home, being that they provide assistance to individuals that find climbing stairs difficult, while also catering to the crowd that wants their home to look and feel like a palace. As such, there is a wide range of elevator models and installation services available.

Safety Requirements in the Manufacturing and Installation Processes

Manufacturers must follow strict guidelines to ensure that the elevators meet safety standards.  There are codes in place that specify the safety mechanisms and the factors of safety in material strength.  Home elevators must be installed by trained professionals to insure that the equipment in working as intended by the manufacturer and it meets code.

Pre-Installation Procedures

Before conducting the installation, a carpenter must construct an elevator shaft according to drawings provided by the elevator company.  The drawings show the dimensions required as well as the weights/forces that the structure must be able to accommodate.  An electrician must provide electrical service for the elevator operation and the elevator lighting.  This electrical service is provided to a disconnect near the future location of the elevator controller.  The elevator installers will wire from the disconnect to the elevator controller.   

How Much Does a Home Elevator Installation Cost?

The cost of installation for residential elevators will vary depending on the type of elevator being installed and the company hired to install it. Prices vary based on the cost of local labor as well as the complexity of the job.  Most elevator companies, sucah as, will provide a budgetary estimate immediately, sometimes over the phone.  Some require an initial site survey to provide budgetary numbers.  Experts say the average installation cost for a conventional two-stop home elevator can range in the thousands of dollars but the amount of money it can save on remodeling a home for ease of access on one floor and in-home workers helping with elderly patients can actually save a good bit in the long run.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Home Elevator

The site preparation typically takes much longer than the elevator installation itself.  Site preparation can involve a remodel that takes a couple weeks or several months.  Once the site is prepared, the installation of the elevator equipment takes approximately 1 week.   
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