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7 Home Renovations To Do After Winter

Winter might not be a time most homeowners plan on doing home renovations but it’s a great time to get some planning done for after-winter renovations.

You can look into crown remodeling as it is a great way of adding appeal to your home without using heavy material.  They can either be installed at the top of frames, walls, and cabinets. This totally depends on your personal taste. It’s a perfect way of adding a custom look to your home.  There are so many ideas to take inspiration from.

What are the renovation you can do after winter? Let’s know!

1. Replacing Light Fixtures

Winter surely messes with our mood. The early sunsets make us feel as if we didn’t have enough sunlight. This triggers the seasonal affective disorder. You can fight it back by replacing your old lights with bright and cheery fixtures. Getting replacement windows is also a good idea for more light. It will lighten up your spirits.

2. Change the Paint Palette

A new coat of paint is always good for a change. It makes your house look clean, modern and revamp the entire look. Why not try new colors this time?
Choose bright accents on neutral backgrounds. Pastels and muted shades are also great to prepare your home for spring.

3. Upgrade the Windows

Another option is to upgrade the windows. If you can’t afford to replace them altogether, then simply replace the glass or windowpane. This is a quick way of making your house look airy and bright. Consider it an opportunity to replace heavy curtains with a lighter option. It would change the look of your room as well. You should check out replacement glass for windows prices for planning installation of new window panes.

4. Tweak your Kitchen Cabinets

You can replace the outdated drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Cabinet hardware with a dash of color can make your kitchen cheerful. This upgrade is something you definitely need after the gloomy winter months. If you can’t replace the entire cabinetry, this is a cheap and quick way of introducing change.

5. Change the Carpet

Look around and see if your carpet has lost its’ magic. Ripped, bulged or threadbare carpet needs to go. You can either replace the carpet for hardwood or get a new carpet.

It’s not a bad idea to remove the carpet if you have pets and little kids in the house and they are allergic to dust or pollen.

6. Getting Few Faucets

Bathroom renovations are expensive and time-consuming. Focus on something small that would also make an impact. For instance, you can replace the faucets only. It will refresh the look of your entire bathroom. And if the old faucets didn’t work well, then new ones will solve that problem.

7. Safety Features

When you are renovating, consider the opportunity to install safety features in your home to make the environment safer for your loved ones. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Installing the detectors doesn’t mean safety is guaranteed. You have to test them on a monthly basis and replace them after 7 years.

Home renovation after winter doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. Little upgrades like these can make a huge change and prepare your home for spring.

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