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6 Ways To Incentivize Your Employees

When you operate a business, creating a positive work environment is key to a friendly and welcoming company culture. When your employees know that you care about their needs and their wellbeing, they can feel like valued members of your company. Giving your employees rewards for time spent at your business and for a job well done can be great encouragement and assurance that you respect them. Read on for six good incentives you can give your employees.

1. Give Employees Travel Benefits

A good long-term incentive to give to employees as a reward for spending a number of years at your company is travel benefits. Giving your employees a vacation as a reward can be a strong motivator for time and dedication with your company. Whether you give your employee tickets for a flight overseas or a trip on an Alaska cruise, you can find a vacation for them that they would surely enjoy as a reward. 

2. Add Office Amenities

To reward your entire team at once rather than just an individual, consider adding something fun to the office as a reward for completion of a team project. You can ask your employees for suggestions on what they would like to have to lighten up the office atmosphere, or you can add something as a surprise for them to work toward. Fun additions can include a game room, a coffee and snack bar, or a new form of technology to make office time more convenient or fun. 

3. Give Employees Time Off

When your employees work hard and put in great effort, rewarding them with time off lets them know that you appreciate their accomplishments. Time off allows your employees some time to relax and spend time with their loved ones. You can give accumulative days off to your employees which they can use as an incentive for a stronger work performance. When you allow an employee to take days off, make sure you can distribute the workload evenly in a way that the other team members do not feel overworked or stressed as a result.

4. Throw an Office Party 

If one of your team members has a birthday or a work anniversary, a good way of celebrating this occasion is by throwing an office party. Doing so can help bring the whole team together for a fun social activity as well as making the recipient feel welcomed and respected. You can use this opportunity to give the individual a special gift such as a gift card or other reward.

5. Give the Gift of Food

A good meal makes for a great reward and motivation. Ask your employees what their favorite restaurants are and consider getting them gift cards for doing a good job. Additionally, you could treat the employees to a free meal from their restaurant of choice on their lunch hour.

You can also bring in catering for the whole team to reward group efforts. Food makes for a great social experience as well, so bringing in food for the whole team can build up a sense of community among the staff. 

6. Implement an Employee of the Month Award

To help incentivize your employees to put more effort into their duties as well as encourage friendly and healthy competition, consider holding an employee of the month award. When a staff member does a particularly great job, you can award that employee a small plaque on the wall or a certificate that highlights excellent work. Holding this award every month can make for solid motivation among staff.

When you offer incentives to your staff, you can help encourage productivity among the workplace as well as provide a friendly work environment. Showing that you are willing to dedicate time and resources into appreciating what your employees do for your company can promote a healthy atmosphere among your office. The more your staff feels appreciated, the more likely they are to enjoy working with you.

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