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6 Simple Steps to Obtain the Perfect Environment to Work From Home

Many people have exchanged office life for working from home; and even though for some it has been a life saver, as they have overcome the problems of combining work with running a home, for others it has actually created more stress in their lives. If you fall into the second category, you will need to read on; especially as making working from home a pleasure rather than torture is so easy. By following the advice outlined here, you too will love working from home.

Get to Know Your Hardware

If you are going to work from home, the chances are that you will be relying on a computer, telecommunications, printers etc, and they can all go frustratingly wrong. Get to know the basics about how these things work, as if you do, you are not going to have to call somebody in to look at something that has an easy fix while you sit twiddling your thumbs.

Create an Office Space

Though it may seem possible to work in your lounge area, the truth is that it is not. If there is nobody else in the house, then a lounge office is a great idea, but you will not always be alone. School holidays and a loved one’s work schedule could lead to times where you cannot concentrate or get any work done. You should at least have a room of your own for work, but perhaps the best solution is to have a separate office area. You could convert a garage, rent a storage container or, my personal favourite, have a home office built in your garden. Take a look on the internet for more information about an office space in the garden, and create the perfect solution for privacy and comfort.

Get Comfortable

If you want to increase productivity while working at home and become more efficient, you should be working in a comfortable environment. Make sure that the working temperature is suitable, that lighting is adjustable, and that you have a comfortable chair. Your office should be welcoming for you and decorated with things you like and make you smile.  You will spend long hours in your new office space, so you should make sure that it is a place you want to be, not somewhere you can’t wait to escape.

Carry on With Work Routines

Make sure you set a work schedule for the day, and have a start time and a number of hours you will work.  Get ready for work in the morning as you did previously as this will help the routine of work seem more familiar, and make sure you have breaks and a lunch hour. You may be working from home, but you still need to make sure your output is enough for the person who pays you.

Don’t Become Isolated

If you are used to office conversations or asking for help with queries, there is no reason this should stop; you simply need to do these things electronically. The biggest problem people find with working from home is isolation, so make sure that you keep in contact with colleagues, especially those who have also chosen to work from home.

Minimize Distractions

One of the best reasons to take your office into the garden is that it will take a lot of distractions away, and help you manage your workload more efficiently. The obvious distractions are things like answering the door and answering non work related phone calls during your working hours, or looking for your son’s football boots. However, there are other distractions when working from home that are not so obvious (like like listening to your kids playing). If you do not want to feel frustrated that your work is being interfered with, make it clear that you are out of bounds during work time, and that you control your environment to stop all distractions.

Working from home can be an absolute pleasure, but it takes planning and discipline to really work. Hopefully these ideas will make your new place of work a pleasure to be in.
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