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6 Business Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing

Hiring employees and building a business takes a long time. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, hiring in-house employees isn't always worth the investment. Yet, wearing all the hats and managing each business task creates limitations that prevent growth and success.
Outsourcing certain business tasks can help business owners and entrepreneurs focus on the high-value actions that move the business forward. 
Here are six tasks you should consider outsourcing for better profitability, time management, and business growth. 
Payroll and Bookkeeping
Accounting is a core business function that can impact the longevity and success of an organization. However, most business owners are not accountants and try to manage the bare minimum for accounting tasks.
Consider outsourcing payroll and bookkeeping tasks to someone who understands the nuances of accounting. A payroll specialist will understand the difference between payroll and income tax and ensure that employees are paid the right amount, on time, with the proper deductions. 
Outsourcing bookkeeping efforts also ensure that you're prepared for tax season without any last-minute stress or surprises. This preparedness results in fewer late fees and fines while potentially outlining more claims to get you the best possible return.
If you're in doubt about outsourcing these tasks, keep in mind that even accountants have accountants.
Social Media Management
Social media is a powerful tool for lead generation and nourishing existing customer relationships. However, coming up with content ideas, creating graphics, scheduling posts, and responding to comments is incredibly time-consuming. Failing to do these things leaves your presence unnoticed by the evil algorithms and thus leaves money on the table.
Outsource to a social media manager if you want to see value from your social media marketing efforts. Look for someone who understands the various platform nuances and can put together compelling content for your brand.
SEO and Content Marketing
SEO and web content marketing is the other pillar of digital marketing. Like social media, understanding the nuances of search engine algorithms and creating fresh, written content is a lot of work. 
Outsource your SEO efforts to a person or team who can show you proven results over time. Beware the self-proclaimed SEO expert who promises a first-page ranking. SEO and content marketing is a long game, and there's no such thing as overnight success.
IT Management and Support
If you have an established business with numerous employees, you may require IT or help desk support. It no longer makes sense to have an in-house IT department for most companies in our modern, cloud-based world. 
If your business needs IT management and support, consider outsourcing rather than hiring. This approach simplifies the employment and hiring complexities and ensures you're only paying for what you need.
Administration and Coordination
A virtual assistant is someone who offers administrative services without ever stepping foot in your business. This service is a great option for outsourcing simple administrative tasks to free up your calendar without paying a full-time employee. 
Outsource necessary, non-revenue generating tasks like email management, scheduling, and transcribing. Some assistants also offer social media management and content creation as a part of their services.
Recruiting and Hiring
The average time to hire in the US is upward of a month. Creating job posts, conducting interviews, and employee onboarding is a monumental task for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 
Outsource your recruiting and hiring efforts to an HR consultant or recruiter. Not only will this free up valuable time, but it also improves the chances of attracting top talent and streamlining the employee onboarding experience.
Outsourcing is necessary for entrepreneurs and small enterprises to expand and grow sustainably. Evaluate the tasks in your business that could be outsourced and create a plan to make it happen. 
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