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5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Your Internal Communications Strategy

Digital signage is one of the fastest-growing industries. It has become an invaluable tool among advertisers, businesses, educational institutions, local governments, and more.
Digital signage is an effective solution that allows information to be updated quickly and effectively. It also cuts down on printing and shipping costs associated with traditional print media. There are many companies out there specializing in this type of media, such as Omnially.
Many leaders have adopted this tool in their internal communications strategy. Effective communication with employees and others within an organization is key to success. Keep reading to learn more about digital signage and five ways you can use it to boost your internal communications.
What is Digital Signage?
Digital signage is a type of communication delivered through digital technologies such as e-paper, LED, LCD, and projection displays. They are found in a wide variety of spaces, both indoors and out. They are used to display videos, text, web pages, images, and more.
This form of media has three primary types:

Advertising: In this category, signage is used to display content for multiple brands or businesses. Its primary purpose is to increase advertising revenue. Displays are often placed in high-volume areas, such as theaters, near public transit, and more.

Merchandising: Digital signage is also used to promote brand awareness and increase sales for individual businesses. For example, a company may launch digital signage at all of its retail stores to enhance a shopper's experience.

Informational: Lastly, digital signage is used to display important information, often in very entertaining ways. This type of media is used in higher education, hospitality, healthcare, recreational facilities, and more.
This last type, informational, is the category that we'll be talking about today. How can information be presented to employees in an effective, enticing way with digital signage?
1. Highlight Company Calendar and Upcoming Events
Want to engage more of your employees in company events? Try displaying your company calendar digitally. It can be the first or last thing people see when they're coming into/leaving work. It gets them thinking about what's coming up next.
2. Promote Your Company's Social Media
Another idea is to use digital signage to display your company's social media information. Building a loyal base on social media is important to most modern businesses. If you can get your employees to follow the company pages, this looks good to people outside of the business.
3. Feature Different Employees for Special Occasions
If you want to boost company morale, try using signage to highlight different employees each day, week, or month. You may choose to display the employee of the month, write a special birthday message, and more. It makes employees feel valued in the company!
4. Display Important Safety and Security Messages
If you have urgent messages that you want to get out to your staff, consider using this media type. It is easy to find and read, especially if it is in a location that employees frequent. You can also change it in real-time.
5. Tell Your Company Story and Share Moments from Leadership
All employees should understand the history and mission of the company they're working for. You can use signage to tell your company story in a quick and engaging way. Use it to talk about current leadership as well. People like to know who they are working for and the company's story.
These are just a few of the ways you can engage your organization's members with the help of digital signage. Find what works best for you and your team through trial and error.

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