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5 Reasons Why CCTV Is Used in the Corporate World

Closed Circuit TV is everywhere. In urban areas, you are never very far from a CCTV camera. Some cameras are in full view, such as those on street corners or in car parks, but others are more discreetly placed. There are some who would argue that intensive CCTV security monitoring has created a Big Brother world, but having cameras everywhere does have its benefits.

Improving Security

It isn’t only governments that use CCTV cameras to monitor various locations – CCTV is also commonly used by businesses and in the corporate world. Companies such as IPM FM Group provide security services that include the provision of CCTV, which is invaluable if security is an issue.

A few CCTV cameras judiciously placed in key locations can significantly reduce the occurrence of theft, violent behaviour and other crimes against employees or the business. Many businesses install CCTV at entrances and exits to buildings, in car parks, or in areas where stock or equipment is stored. With CCTV in place, security monitoring can be conducted remotely, which is more cost effective.

Protecting Company Assets

Employee theft is a big problem for businesses where there is a large amount of stock stored in warehouses. CCTV cameras act as an all-seeing eye in the sky, so employees are less likely to steal company property or behave in a way that could endanger company assets.

Health and Safety

Health and safety legislation is designed to prevent accidents in the workplace. Unfortunately, not all employees follow the rules. CCTV can help employers to check whether their health and safety rules are being adhered to at all times, which is extremely important in industrial workplaces where heavy machinery is being used and the risk of accident is higher than average. If the worst does happen and an accident occurs, CCTV footage can provide evidence of what went wrong and why.

Monitoring Staff Performance

There are many ways to assess staff performance in the workplace, including staff appraisals and performance targets. However, these may not give a complete picture, and in a busy workplace it is not always easy to check up on how an individual is performing.

CCTV can be used to monitor whether an employee is being productive (or not). For example, in a retail environment, CCTV footage would detect if employees were taking unnecessary breaks or sitting around chatting when they were supposed to be serving customers. This evidence could be used as backup in the event of a disciplinary hearing or tribunal.


Employers have to conform to a huge amount of legal and regulatory requirements, particularly in the financial services sector. In such cases, installing CCTV can help a business stay compliant.

Whilst there are many reasons why CCTV is a legitimate way of monitoring the workplace and employees, employers must stay within the law at all times. Employees have a right to privacy, so use of CCTV should never be intrusive or disproportionate, or you could inadvertently fall foul of the law.
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