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5 Benefits of Slow-Release Fertilisers

Slow-Release Fertilisers

If you are new to fertiliser, you will soon discover there are many products out there to choose from. Of course, you want to pay attention to the macronutrient portion to ensure your plants get everything they need to thrive. But, you also want to look at what type of fertiliser you are purchasing. For example, you are going to come across slow-release products. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy from this type of fertiliser.

Provides Necessary Nutrients

Do you think that your soil can provide all of the necessary nutrients for your plants? The answer to this question will depend on a few factors. For example, this can include what type of soil you have. It can also be determined by how often you have used this soil prior to growing your current plants. If you believe your soil does not have all of the important nutrients your plants need, then this is where you need to seek assistance.

This can come in the form of slow-release fertiliser. This is going to be a product you can use to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need to thrive. For instance, you can purchase one from Dejex. Here is the link that you can check out for more information. There are various slow-release options to ensure that you can improve your soil and allow your plants to thrive.

Allows Healthy Growth

Fertilisers out there are delivering almost immediate results. In other words, you are seeing growth within one to two weeks. This might seem like a good thing, but it can mean that you have to keep reapplying the product in order to continue seeing results through the growing season. So, you have quick growth and then do not see any more leaves or stems until you use the product again.

With a slow-release product, you get results differently. Instead, you can see steady progress that is healthier. In particular, the growth you see can be evenly distributed and enjoyed over several weeks. Sudden growth can mean a lot of maintenance too, which might not be what you want.

Promotes Strength

One problem that is seen a lot in plants subjected to fast-releasing fertiliser is sudden growth. While this can sound like a good thing and something you want, this is not always true. Instead, a plant can grow too quickly and this can result in weakness. This is not something you want with cold winters ahead. In addition, it can leave plants vulnerable when it comes to disease. Instead, you want to ensure your plants grow in a way that makes them strong and sturdy.

Introducing slow-release fertiliser. Since your plants are going to grow at a steadier and more natural rate, this can ensure that new leaves and stems are strong and healthy. The process is not rushed and there is no sudden growth spurt. While this will require more patience, the process will also be more rewarding.

Avoids the Burn

Many people are impatient when it comes to plants and their growth. They want to see immediate blooms and new stems quickly during the growing season after a long winter. But this is not a process you should rush. In particular, you do not want to use a quick-releasing fertiliser that promises instant growth. Often, they can be dangerous when it comes to the health of your plants and there is a possibility that you can kill them with the wrong application.

The good thing about using a slow-release fertiliser is that you can avoid damaging your plants. Specifically, you can avoid burning them, which can occur if you apply too much ordinary fertiliser. Since the nutrients are released into the soil at a slower rate, this cannot happen.

Accommodates a Busy Lifestyle

The reality is that not everyone has the time to fertilise plants on a regular basis. This is particularly true if you have a lot. For instance, there are some products that need to be applied every few weeks, which is not going to work if you have a busy schedule. You can end up missing applications and not seeing the results you want.

So, this is where you are better off choosing a slow-release product. You will not have to apply this fertiliser as often and it will release nutrients slowly into the soil for the plants to enjoy. For instance, some products only have to be applied every eight weeks, which can accommodate a busy lifestyle.

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