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4 Tools that Can Help Protect Your Privacy Online

As we use computers, laptops, and smartphones to do our work, it has become essential to protect our data. If the data is handled carelessly or is unauthorized, it can cause a company or individual harm. Along with data protection, a person’s fundamental rights and freedom related to the data must also be secure. If you work in a company, losing the company database can get you fired from your job.

Organizations also have a responsibility to take care of the private information of their workers. General Data Protection (GDPR) is a European Union Privacy law that establishes rules for governments and other organizations on how they can process their citizen’s data. The two common factors of data leaks are human error and hackers. Here are some tools/ applications that can help you secure your data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

VPN consists of a complete range of privacy tools. When you open a website, some might try to track you and obtain your personal information, and VPN makes it difficult for them to do this. Hotspot Shield is a type of VPN which helps you secure your passwords, messages, and financial transactions.
You can also use a VPN application to gain access to blocked sites and avoid censorship. You can also stream regionally blocked content with the help of a VPN.

Private Email Tools:

Securing emails is essential on multiple levels. Some email providers can copy your email to use for other purposes. If you work as a news reporter and need the emails you exchange with your informants to be confidential, you can use a private email tool to help you deal with it. One example is the Proton Mail, which you can use to send encrypted emails.

When you work in a legal department, it is essential to secure confidential information. The Hushmail tool offers private email services. With the aid of this tool, you have an option of whether to send an encrypted or unencrypted email. If you send an email to another person’s Hushmail account, it will be automatically encrypted.


Private Browsers:

You can protect your browsing information as well. Google is a secure browser, but it has a record of your browsing. Other browsers like Tor Browser do not ask you to share the sites that you visit. Tor Browser prevents them from doing so if somebody wants to find out which websites you are using. It also allows you to gain access to blocked sites. It also helps to hide your physical presence on a website.
Mozilla Firefox is another secure browser. It protects against sites that can leak your private information and warns users of insecure content that could harm the device.

How to Secure Your Communication:

When you send a sensitive email, message, or have a private chat, you can secure your communication with a tool. For example, Zivver helps prevent the leak of your data before you even press the send button. You can securely send a file through it without worrying about external exposure. Zivver platform also has a technology that helps prevent human errors that can occur when handling data.
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