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4 Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

Whether it’s an elaborate lounge or just your bedroom, a well maintained carpet/rug can do so much to elevate the look of your home. That being said, investing in a high quality carpet is not cheap. Today’s carpets and rugs are available in a variety of colors and fabrics catering to every budget, but it's important to invest one time in a high quality piece for your house. Today we will be discussing some tips and tricks on how to clean and maintain your precious carpet and keep it lustrous for longer.

1. Day to Day Cleaning Is a Must

When it comes to maintaining your carpet in the long run, the rule of thumb should be to not let the dirt and filth build up. That being said, we advise a weekly round of vacuuming (depending on the foot traffic), going nice and slow and covering all the edges and services in order to lift the dirt from the interior fabric keeping it nice and clean.

2. Clean Spots and Spills Quickly

Your carpet is not your conventional t-shirt that you can simply toss in the washer in the event of some staining. That’s why we recommend cleaning spots and spills then and there, to avoid the stains from penetrating deep into the fabric and becoming permanent. The easiest way of cleaning up after a major spill is to first absorb the spill using a plain paper towel or washcloth. This can help in extracting some of the stain particles. The next step is to treat the stain using any good quality carpet stain remover that is carpet fabric friendly of course, and voila!

3. Take Special Care If You Have Pets

We all love our furry munchkins, but they can be a great source of havoc for our carpet. Try to do a quick vacuum of the carpet every 2-3 days to get rid of animal fur and dander. Use a good quality stain remover designed to get rid of animal stains and odors. Be vigilant about your pet’s naughty accidents, and clean the mess as soon as you can before it becomes permanent. Never use a steam mop for cleaning urine stains as it will set the stain and the smell, making it permanent. Always use a wet vacuum for any of these cases.

4. Professionally Deep Clean

In order to maintain the luster and fabric quality of your carpet long term, it is advisable to arrange for a deep clean once every 12-18 months by a professional which is much more convenient and hassle free. You can purchase or rent your own steam run carpet cleaner as well. A thorough deep clean ensures that your carpet is extracted of all the dirt and stains that were deeply embedded in the fabric. It also ensures proper sanitation and hygiene if you have indoor pets lingering inside the house or have had a few accidents in the past. A professional deep clean, albeit expensive, will definitely pay off in a few years time. 

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