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3 Things All of the Best Gaming Phones for 2021 Will Offer

Another year has almost passed us by. For the mobile phone companies of the world, that means that it is time once again to look ahead to another year of landslide releases, game changing devices, and heady competition for your attention.

Choosing a new phone is not always easy. Unless you’re a staunch defender of the Apple or Samsung camps and prefer to keep up to date with each new release as and when they come out, it is largely a case of weighing up the positives and pluses offered by each device and seeing how they stack up against your habits.

For the gamers, this can be particularly difficult. Finding a phone that caters to every single facet of gaming – from the physical experience of holding the phone to ensuring that it won’t overheat mid-match – is rarely simple, despite the fact that there are well over 2 billion mobile gamers, all of whom are looking for similar things.

With that in mind, here are three features you should be sure to prioritise as you begin searching for your new phone for gaming in 2021.

5G Compatibility

Those vast gaming libraries we curate on our mobiles won’t mean much if we don’t have the means with which to enjoy them. Of course, one of the greatest perks of using our mobiles as a gaming platform is the ability to play anywhere, whenever we are pulled away from our at-home gaming rigs and a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

This is where 5G is anticipated to truly shine. A phone capable of utilising the fifth generation mobile network will be capable of playing online games at speeds up to 100 times greater than the fourth generation a currently allows. This means that everything, from Call of Duty: Mobile to your digital slots, will run with little to no latency, sharp graphics, and a fluidity unlike anything you have ever seen before.

And, while 5G may not have made it to your hometown just yet, the new generation is on its why, which means that investing in a new gaming phone right now makes a lot more sense if you are looking exclusively at devices that offer 5G-readiness. 

Ergonomic Design

This may seem like a moot point in the world of mobiles, where every device seems to have been built upon more or less the same design. There are, however, a number of differences to consider.

For one thing, while a thin phone is easily stored in one’s jeans pocket, it is not always the most comfortable device to hold. This is one of the reasons why users were pleased when Apple’s iPhone 11 seemed to do-away with the race for thinness and, instead, add a little more substance back into their phones. Of course, this also allowed for better battery life – another plus when it comes to finding a gaming phone.

There are, of course, some more glaring differences to consider. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 features an (almost) entirely new design – barring, of course, their unfortunate initial release back in 2019. In terms of ergonomics, it’s billed to be a great option for gamers. The screen is bigger, of course, which creates a more immersive experience; the larger surface space enables more versatile gameplay and makes it easier to hold for longer bouts of time. This review focuses primarily on the Z Fold 2’s merit as a gaming device:

The ergonomics of a phone are, of course, largely down to personal preference. If possible, try holding a few difference devices before you decide whether or not factors like weight and thinness impact your ability to play.

Designed with Gamers in Mind

A professional camera is no use to anyone if it was designed by someone who cares little for photographers, and a phone designed without an up to date and far reaching understanding of the mobile gaming world will fail to live up to the task of handling the modern demands of gamers. Choosing a brand with a strong history in producing top notch gaming devices will always serve you better than investing in a device based off of specs alone.

ROG for instance, or the Republic of Gamers, have long been regarded as leaders of the mobile gaming industry, and design their phones in a way that fully supports even the most demanding gaming experiences. From internal cooling to a 144Hz refresh rate, there are few phones on the market today able to rival ROG in terms of design and specs for gaming.

Just take a look at this review from TechTablets:

Of course, the world of mobile gaming is only growing stronger as each year passes, and with the rise of cloud gaming services we can expect it to get significantly bigger and better in 2021. As a result, more and more phone companies will be giving their phone’s gaming capabilities a great deal of attention – particularly as 5G promises to change the ways in which we play on the go. Look out for these features, and make sure you are ready for even better mobile gaming in the new year. 
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