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2022 Audio Visual Trends That Are Here to Stay

According to recent statistics, households in the UK spent around 32.9 billion pounds on photographic, audio, and visual equipment in 2020. It only supports the consistently rising demand for audio visuals up until today. Below are some of the trends in audio visual technology that you could stumble into this year.

1. Creative projection

A simple projector, mostly used in award ceremonies, receptions, and PowerPoint presentations, could give a "wow factor" with a bit of creativity. This year, creative projection is one of the trends that doesn't seem to be going away soon. Today, you can even find innovative projection apps to create experiences and effects that you can project using your smartphone.

With creative projection, your events will never be the same again. You can rent state-of-the-art presentation and events equipment for your next event from an AV Hire company. Usually, event managers, creative agencies, and exhibition organisers hire audio visual companies when staging events.

2. LED walls

Do you remember the modular LED walls you have seen before? The low-resolution visuals that are painfully bright to watch are good only for a stage backdrop. But this year, you might give them a chance to be at one of your events. The LED walls these days have optimised their dots per inch (dpi), better brightness control, and have seamless panel links, too.

With today's LED walls, you can create displays of any size and not worry about low resolution. You can now flash detailed text and images with high-resolution.

3. LED lighting

LED lighting leads the budget-friendly audio visual trend this year. LED PARs and lekos are ready to replace the good old incandescent lights. Lighting designers utilise LED lights to adjust the brightness and colour of the stage lighting without changing the gel using a ladder to climb up.

4. Video instead of text

Text is no longer used as frequently as before. What replaces text are videos to convey and deliver information. Unlike texts, videos are more fun and much easier to use to present and absorb information. Events will feel livelier when you use eye-catching and high-quality videos.

5. Augmented and virtual reality for events

Augmented and virtual reality are different from one another. Virtual reality requires active participation in the VR experience, while augmented reality is not suitable to use as a part of our daily lives. These technologies are usually seen in the gaming and entertainment world. But these days, many events are using AR and VR technology to give their audience unique experiences.

6. Event audio visuals are going digital

Simple printed graphics are no longer enough to capture event audiences' interest. Digital and more interactive graphics are now the trends. So, it’s vital to learn how to incorporate video presentations, LED displays, and other digital systems and setups in your events.


In closing, events are getting more interactive than before. The current audio visual trends are shaking the events industry and are improving day by day. Information is now easier to absorb, thanks to these AV trends.



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