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10 Workplace Security Tips To Improve Your Office Security

Here are some of the best tips from The Lock Boss to help you improve your office security. You should be able to assess the internal and external threats that can help you save your business.


1. Verified Alarm System


Start by installing a verified alarm system. That way, you can guarantee fast police response times to catch criminals. Choose a good alarm system that allows you to keep your office safe and report any intrusion immediately when it happens.


2. Integrated Security System


Choose an integrated security system unique to your office needs. Whether it’s central monitoring, access control management, CCTV and Audio intrusion detection, make sure your integrated security system is customized enough to meet your office’s security needs.


3. Employee Screening Policy


Make sure your business is protected from employee theft by having a screening policy. Start by having criminal record checks before hiring any employees. There should also be reference checks in place. Make sure your potential employees provide relevant copies of their credentials and certifications.


4. Employee Access Control


Install a managed access control system that includes keyless entry to track anyone coming and going into your business. You should also be able to disable access if any employee loses their access card or has been fired.


5. Employee Training


Create an in-depth training program for your employees focusing on workplace safety and security. Make sure your employees understand how to secure documents, secure their passwords and secure the entire building. You should also have a policy on how to deal with employee theft as well as confidentiality agreements.


6. Lock-up The Server Room


Make sure that everyone accessing your server room has in-depth security clearance and also uses access control management. The server room should not be centrally located such that it can be accessed through the other common walls in your business.


7. Use A Fire And Security Rated Safe


Any financial information and money in your company should be locked in a safe that has been recommended by your insurance company. Restrict access to the safe’s combination and change it as often as possible.


8. Secure Workstations


Any computers that are not being used should be disconnected and removed. All the filing cabinets should be locked and use a locked box for any paperwork that needs to be shredded.


9. Disable Drives


Make sure employees can’t copy company information by removing USB ports or disabling them as well as floppy drives or any other means of connecting to external hard drives.


10. Protect Your Printers


Most modern printers store documents on their on-board memory. If it is hacked, people can access recently printed documents. The printer should be placed in a secure location and the extra copies should be placed in a locked box for shredding.

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