PPM News - March 2021


March 2021

With UK COVID lockdown restrictions still in place and large project work reduced, PPM’s site activities have predominantly been associated with preventative maintenance of existing installations.

One exception has been to recondition a number of bespoke, mobile analytical systems previously supplied to United Utilities receiving industrial effluent which can affect the biological treatment process. The trailer mounted instruments can be quickly deployed to provide continuous water quality analysis of the key measurement parameters. At the inlet to one treatment site pH, ammonia and TOC is continuously measured and at another, phosphate is continually performed. Product sales have included portable UVT instruments supplied for validating on-line UV treatment systems installed at potable water production sites.

Additionally, Wessex Water have purchased four Proam ammonia monitors pre-mounted within secondary enclosures to measure the ammonia in liquors, to enable real time control of the nitrification process. We have also supplied turbidity instrumentation for final effluent compliance measurement.

Internationally, we have supported the site servicing of a Protoc TOC analyser installed more than 12 years ago at a Portuguese PTA manufacturing plant. Despite the analyser’s age, it was reassuring to see the instrument had been well looked after and was in very good condition. With the benefit of virtual guidance using WhatsApp, the site was able to complete the servicing required to clear the fault and optimise the analyser. Forbes Marshal our distributer for India has placed an order for a Protoc 300 which is part of a refinery project, to measure condensate/cooling water. Ranged 0-10ppm TOC, the Protoc will be housed in a purged enclosure with air-conditioning and a sample system fabricated by the Forbes Marshall Steam Water and Gas (SWAS) team.

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