PPM News -July 2018

PPM News -July 2018

July 2018 News

July 2018 will probably be remembered as one of the hottest months on record in the UK. Some important purchase orders will also make the month memorable from a PPM business perspective. We received a significant purchase order from a UK winery wishing to install continuous measurement and control functionality. We also commissioned our Proam ammonia monitor at Glastonbury WwTW to measure effluent quality and received an order for a turbidity monitor with air cleaning, for Avonmouth WwTW. Anglian Water purchased a replacement ammonia effluent monitor and also a redox meter, to measure the inlet to a water recycling treatment facility. Our Protoc TOC analyser technology was supplied overseas to India, for a refinery project.

Norfolk Winery places order for Protoc TOC analysers: Following detailed discussions, a Norfolk Winery has placed a purchase order for a bespoke water quality monitoring station. PPM will engineer, within a walkin analyser kiosk, continuous monitoring of Total Organic Carbon and pH on the raw effluent and final treated effluent streams. Turbidity will be measured only on the treated effluent stream. Additionally, a DO meter will report the dissolved oxygen concentrations within the aerobic treatment system. The kiosk, will also incorporate lighting, heating and sample preparation for the Protoc TOC analysis. Partitioned space will also be provided in the kiosk, to allow the client to install several control panels, for a new treatment system which will be installed at the same time.

Proam ammonia monitor installed at Glastonbury WwTW: Our Proam ammonia analyser, with membrane panel filter, has been installed at the Glastonbury WwTW. The ammonia analyser will provide continuous final effluent quality measurement with connection to the site scada for data reporting purposes. The Proam analyser was pre-installed within a secondary GRP enclosure complete with lighting and frost protection, simplifying the site installation. Our membrane filtration system providing sample preparation, was installed within a second GRP enclosure, positioned immediately adjacent. Both enclosures were installed on a Unistrut stand, by the appointed M&E contractor. A small submersible sample pump delivers sample to the membrane filter assembly. Careful consideration has been given to the internal layout of all the individual components comprises the measurement system, to ensure site operators can easily understand the measurement set up and gain access during routine maintenance.

Two Protoc TOC analysers purchased for Indian Refinery: Two Protoc 300 TOC analysers have been procured by Forbes Marshall Ltd., who are located in the Pune district of India. The instrumentation is for a refinery project, located in the south of India. The continuous Total Organic Carbon analysers are configured for a measurement range 0-10ppm TOC and will be integrated as part of a larger project, delivered in conjunction with Engineers India Limited (EIL). The on-line instrumentation will provide continuous measurement to protect boiler cooling water and provide outputs to a site scada system, to alert unacceptable water quality.

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