Combination Lock Buying Guide 2018 Part 2: Electronic Locks

Combination Lock Buying Guide 2018 Part 2: Electronic Locks

Combination locks are one of the most popular locks for use with lockers and have been in use since the late 19th century to secure safes, secure boxes and lockers of course!

We recently had an article explaining the key components of the combination lock but in this article, I will be giving a guide to which lock will be the right lock for you. In this second part, we go over electronic combination locks and discuss the different options available. From simple combination locks to more advanced locks with extra functionality. Let’s dive in!

  1. KL1000 Combination Lock

Kitlocks KL1000 Combination locks Lock Buying Guide 2018 By LockertekFor those who are budget conscious among us who want a real ‘bang for your buck’ The KL1000 is our top pick. An electronic combination lock that does just what you need it to do. Lock and unlock compartments!

The lock comes in silver, grey and black finishes and can be made IP55 rated with the addition of a rubber gasket.

A simple pair of LED’s indicates whether the lock is in use or not and it can also be arranged either horizontally or vertically and for left or righthanded use. (Though the buttons will need to be changed for other orientations)

  1. Lowe & Fletcher Combination Lock

Lowe & Fletcher Electronic Combination Locker Lock Buying Guide 2018The next lock sports a well-recognised brand name that carries and air of quality and reassurance that your lock will keep working well beyond it’s stated lifespan.

Offering extra functionality such being able to be used in a public or private user mode makes this lock a brilliant option if you’re looking for a lock that allows multiple users to access a locker during the course of a day.

It comes in black or silver and has a manual master key override in case the batteries fail. Not a bad backup in a pinch!

  1. ASSA Combination Lock

Assa ML51PA Electronic Combination Locker Lock Buyers guide 2018 by LockertekOur next lock also comes from a well-known brand for locks and has good weight to it. This also has the option to be used in either a public or private mode. And is supplied with a gasket to protect the internals from moisture.

Unfortunately, there is no manual master key override here, but it does include a micro USB port that allows the lock to be powered on if the battery fails.

Let’s hope you have a micro USB cable handy when that happens! One bonus the lock has over its competitors is it’s longer spindle length. Meaning it can be used on virtually any locker door.

  1. Lowe & Fletcher Horizon Lock

Lowe & Fletcher Horizon Locker Combination Lock Buying Guide 2018 by lockertekA new lock from Lowe & Fletcher always gets us excited in the office (I mean, who wouldn’t be?!) and this lock has new functionality that in this age of GDPR is becoming all the more important.

As well as company mainstays such as a manual key override and public and private user modes. This new lock also has remote allocation features allowing for lockers to be remotely designated from an app.

This also has the ability to auto unlock or lock a compartment after a certain amount of time has passed giving more flexibility to the function of your lockers. It’s available in black or white as standard and can be custom order a in a whole range of other colours. Like the KL1000, this Lock also has a ADA compliant handle and it may be worth looking to see if this is required in your place of work.

  1. Digilock AXIS Lock

Our last lock on this list is from American company Digilock and is our premium option for a very sleek, high end finish to your lockers. This lock not only has the looks but also has the brains, with a full auditing software package available that adds all the functionality of the horizon lock and many more features. Such as full control over your lockers including who and what time a user has accessed them.

These locks also feature a pseudo physical master override key that can be used to open a locker in the case of a battery failing. Points to look out for are that this lock uses a completely different fixing method to the rest of the locks featured in this article so bear this in mind if you’re looking to retrofit this to existing locker doors.

I hope this guide has given you a bit more insight into the different features offered by the locks we have available here at Lockertek. All of our locks are personally picked by our team for their reliability and user friendliness, as well as their build quality. If you still need a little more guidance, then our friendly team are ready to assist at the end of the phone or via email.

For more information follow this link: Combination Lock Buying Guide 2018 Part 2: Electronic Locks

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