EU-Certified Safety: Do You Still Need To Use CE Labels After Brexit?

EU-Certified Safety: Do You Still Need To Use CE Labels After Brexit?

Customs is an obtuse topic. Rules, regulations and international attitudes to customs change all the time. Therefore, customs legislation often isn’t easy to understand, and the rules can contradict each other.

However, as a business, you’re responsible for shipping goods correctly across borders, and one regulation you may be familiar with is CE marking.

CE labels are essential for shipping goods to and from the EU. One issue complicated this process, however: Brexit.

Is CE marking after Brexit the same? When is CE marking not required? What products need CE marking? Read on to find your answers.

What Are CE Markers? CE markers prove three things:

The manufacturer has checked the product meets EU trading standards and health, environmental and safety standards. The product complies with EU legislation. The exports and suppliers have free movement across the European market. That’s a lot of information communicated via one label!

Assuming that CE-tagged products are all made in the EU is a common misunderstanding. The markers state that shipping and supply to the EU are allowed.

The manufacturer or shipper is responsible for:

Carrying out a conformity assessment. Issuing the EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC). Placing the CE label on the product. By doing so, the manufacturer assumes all responsibility for any issues with the product and EU law. It is one of the most common EU safety signs for a reason: it ensures goods are transported between 27 countries efficiently.

What Products Need CE Marking? Not all products need CE marking. However, it’s easier to name products that don’t need CE marking than listing ones that do.

Namely, CE-exempt products include:

Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Foodstuffs The only time when CE marking is not required is for these products.

Before shipping, familiarise yourself with the CE marking guidance from the EU.

CE Marketing After Brexit: What You Need To Know As of January 1st, 2021, a new mark will replace CE markings. The UKCA mark will replace the CE mark but only for goods sold within Britain.

This rule exempts Northern Ireland, and CE markers will continue there.

However, for the short-term, exporters will be able to display both the UKCA mark and the CE logo until products and rules diverge between the UK and the EU. We recommend committing to using the correct logo to allow for an easier transition after divergence occurs.

For now, you need to answer two questions:

Do you ship more to the UK or the EU? Does your stock of CE and UKCA markers match these exports? You can adhere to the new regulations easier once you’ve answered the above questions.

Browse Our Range of CE Markers Today At Label Source, we stock a wide range of CE labels to prepare you for EU shipping.

After Brexit, the rules are stricter than ever, so cut down on your shipping time and costs by following shipping rules to the letter.

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