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Gaggia XD Evolution Commercial Coffee Machine

Gaggia XD Evolution Commercial Coffee Machine

Bearing the famous Gaggia name, and synonymous with quality and style the Gaggia is at home in any bar, coffee shop, or restaurant . The Gaggia XD Evolution machines are produced with a steel body on a steel chassis. Each machine features either black or silver side panels. We like the Gaggia XD Evolution a lot, an exceptionally reliable workhorse.

The Gaggia XD Evolution is a smart looking machine which will impress you and your customers giving that real authentic Italian coffee house feel.

Technical Information

Available group sizes: 1,2 compact, 2 or 3

Size (H x W x D) (1 group): 47.0 cm x 31.0 cm x 51.0 cm

Size (H x W x D) (2 group C): 47.0 cm x 53.0 cm x 51.0 cm

Size (H x W x D) (2 group): 47.2 cm x 62.5 cm x 51.0 cm

Size (H x W x D) (3 group): 47.2 cm x 84.5 cm x 51.0 cm

Weight: 34 kg (1 group)

44 kg (2 group compact) 52 kg (2 group) 67 kg (3 group)

Colours: Stainless Steel

Boiler Size: 4.9 litres (1 grp, 2 grp compact)

13 litres (2 group) 21 litres (3 group)

Independent heat exchangers: 1 per group

Hot water capacity per hour: 36 litres (1group, 2 group compact)

45 litres (2 group) 53 litres (3 group)

Stainless steel steaming arms: 1 (1 group)

2 (2, 2 group compact, 3 group)

Temperature control stability: Group heads are fixed to main boiler plate and boiler pressure adjustment

Outer body construction: Stainless Steel

Hot water economiser: Yes

Volumetric pump: External

Mains water connection: Required

Installed power: 3.2 kw (1gp, 2 gp compact)

4.5 kw (2 group) 6.0 kw (3 group)

Stainless steel hot water outlet: Yes

Cup warming boost unit: Yes

Automatic boiler filling: Yes

Automatic water level control: Yes

Anti-suction valve: Yes


Rapid Steam: The powerful steam pressure of the rapid steam system allows up to a litre of milk to be steamed in 40 seconds

Pre-infusion: Allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee

Active cup warmer: Boosts temperature of the cups with an electrical element

Turbo Steamer: Fitted with turbo steam nozzles

Hot Water Opti Dose: The D90 memorises the volume of hot water for cups or pots of tea.

Dosing system: The electronic dosing system makes it possible to memorise your preferred espresso coffee settings

Group and filter holder: Comes with Gaggia's professional group and filter holders for ease of use and convenience.

Special filter: Gaggia coffee machines all have a filter that allows you to use either ground coffee or coffee pods, for unparalleled quality in coffee brewing

Power management: Ability to reduce power consumption during off-peak periods

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