Free Screen Cleaning Challenge!!!

Free Screen Cleaning Challenge!!!

Screen printers, we want to ’hunt’ down those discarded dirty screens and help you get them back into use again. How? Take part in the #ChallengeChessie, campaign where you will see those stubborn ink and emulsion stains disappear. See for yourself why CPS is a leader in screen cleaning chemistry with an extensive range of Haze Remover products.

CPS has combined forces with Chessie Rossiers of Squeegee & Ink, who specialize in training and education programmes for screen printers. The #challengechessie campaign aims to bring life back into those discarded screens in your screen racks and reclaim rooms. So, before you take a knife to that old dirty screen and get it re-stretched, why not #ChallengeChessie to clean it for you. For full details and terms and conditions on how to participate in this campaign visit

Keep an eye on our social feed and website as we will keep you to date with #ChallengeChessie. All screens used will be videoed and photographed during the cleaning process and potentially added to a gallery on the CPS website and used on social media.

Instructions for taking part in #ChallengeChessie

  1. Screens sent into #ChallengeChessie should not be contaminated with wet ink. Where possible please identify what ink or stencil that has caused the stain(s).

  2. Screens being used in this Challenge Campaign, should be sent F.A.O. Chessie Rossiers of Squeegee & Ink (Address: Squeegee & Ink, The Yard, 2A Hambridge Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5SS).

  3. The owner of the screens takes full responsibility for transport to and from Squeegee & Ink. The costs of transportation and insurance during transit shall be paid by the owner of the screens.

  4. Any screens that are damaged during the marketing campaign by the use of CPS products will be re-stretched by Pyramid Screen Products Ltd, with the cost handled by CPS – Chemicals Products & Services.

  5. All successfully cleaned screens will be returned with a description of the cleaning process and products used to clean the screen

  6. Re-coating and exposing of screens can be arranged with Squeegee & Ink and this will be charged at:

  7. A4 – A3 - £20

  8. A2 – A1 - £30

  9. A0+ - £40

Terms & Conditions:

  • Squeegee & Ink reserve the right to terminate this campaign at any point and without notice.

  • The free cleaning of screens is limited to three screens per customer / company. Further screens can be cleaned but you will need to contact Squeegee and Ink to establish costs.

  • Maximum screen size that can be cleaned is 110 x 130cm.

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