2019 Review of Magnet News and Blogs

2019 Review of Magnet News and Blogs

The range of applications for magnets and magnetic technology continued to grow in 2019. In our news and blogs of 2019, we discussed how magnets are a key component in the development of future transport technology and space travel. It has been an exciting year and we look back at those important stories.

2019 News Review – January 2019 began with the announcement of exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show in Farnborough, UK (Feb 19). This was followed by a story about magnets used in sensor applications. Magnets are a key component in sensors and we reviewed a project where we were manufacturing 1200 bespoke Alnico magnet assemblies.

Alnico Magnets

February As part of our continued manufacturing expansion, we announced the purchase and installation of a new crane. This will enable the safe and easy handling of large and heavy magnetic rotors.

March March started with the announcement of Bunting’s sponsorship of the HYPED Hyperloop team from the University of Edinburgh. The HYPED team is dedicated to accelerating the development of Hyperloop and implementing technology in the UK. They were competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition staged in the Summer of 2019.

Lego NXT Sensor

Magnets for sensors came to the fore again in March with Bunting sponsoring the UK Magnetics Society’s ‘Magnetic Measurement and Sensors’ event held at the LEGO headquarters in Denmark.

Distributors are vitally important to develop business in export markets and there was a focus on Garnet SRL in Italy.

April Matthew Swallow reported back on the UK Magnetics Society Event at LEGO. One of our highest profile projects of 2019 involved the supply of special magnets to NASA for their space exploration programme. Bunting is supplying high specification grain boundary diffused Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets.

July 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of when mankind first stepped onto the surface of the moon. However, not many people know that this momentous achievement would not have been possible without magnets and we investigate in our blog ‘Magnets In Space‘.


2019 marked another significant anniversary with Bunting celebrating 60 years. The family-owned global magnet and magnetic technology company had humble beginnings in Chicago in 1959.

Bunting announced plans to exhibit at the Cenex LCV 2019 show (September 19). At the low-carbon vehicle event, the Bunting team planned to highlight the importance of magnet technology.

August Following the 60th birthday celebrations, Bunting announced a re-brand for the entire international group of companies and a new dynamic logo.

Bunting new brand logo & flyer

September The HYPED team from the University of Edinburgh took part in the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop competition. The team reported back with their experiences at the event.

Hyperloop pod competition

October The team reported back from the 2019 Cenex LCV event, discussing how Grain Boundary Diffused magnets enable higher magnetic performance in harsher environments. In September, Bunting had also attended the UK Magnetics Society’s Magnetic Materials and Applications (MMA’19) event in Milan, Italy. Matthew Swallow reported back on the two-day event in which he was one of three co-chairs.

At the end of the month, we reported on our involvement in a new European Union (EU)-funded project looking at the sustainable recovery, re-processing, and reuse of rare-earth magnets. With less than 1% of imported rare earth elements recycled, the SUSMAGPRO project is focused on dramatically improving the recyclability of this valuable raw material.

November Stefano Maiaroli was introduced as the new Sales Manager for Southern Europe based in an Italian office near Venice.

Stefano Maiaroli new bunting office

December The emphasis on developing export business continued in December with the announcement of the appointment of a second Sales Manager based on the European mainland. Christopher Gabriel has responsibility for Central and Northern Europe and is based in Vienna, Austria.

The UK Magnetics Society held their 32nd Ewing Event at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, UK in December 2019. The event focused on ‘The Electrification of Air Transport’. Our Technical Products Manager, Matthew Swallow, reviews the event.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our news and blogs in 2019. If there are any topics that you would like reviewed, then please get in touch and send an email to Paul our press officer ( For further information on bespoke magnet assemblies or magnet designs, please contact us via:

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