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Here at Angus Air Ltd we are able to assist you in finding the correct ventilation equipment to meet your project's needs and requirements. Angus-Air only provides ventilation related products and we have been doing so for many years. As a result, our knowledge of ventilation equipment and systems is extensive. Think of us as a “ventilation equipment broker”, simply tell us what you are looking for and we can find it for you. We are able to save you time by providing a complete ventilation equipment package, there is no need to deal with multiple suppliers.

Angus-Air’s technical team are able to offer expert advice and help you with the design of ventilation systems. Allow us to find the solution whilst you get on with something else.

We are able to reply to your enquiries promptly. Our objective is to return all quotations within 24 hours so you are able to meet the tender return date and know that you have an accurate price.

We can offer peace of mind that the equipment we have provided will do the job required of it. Angus-Air only provide quality equipment from established leading manufacturers who have proven track records.

We can assist you when problems arise. No matter how good a planner you may be, the situation will arise when you will require something on site quickly. We have access to extensive stocks of grilles, diffusers and fans and in a lot of cases we are able to supply next day.

Angus Air Ltd can supply you with technical data, product info, O&Ms as well as wiring diagrams at the click of a mouse. You will find all this on this on our web site for you to down load when you require it.


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Angus Air Ltd

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