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With the increasing energy prices and growing environmental concern it’s time for us take notice that we all have a responsibility to cut back emissions, waste and our energy consumption.

UK LED Lighting Direct enables realistic and environmentally friendly living solutions. Our main goal here is to inspire and provide you with long-lasting, money saving ways to live by using LED lights as LEDs offer more efficient technology than Incandescent Lights and CFLs.

More than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions come from energy used every day in our homes. UK LED Lighting Direct aim has always been to supply energy efficient LED lighting products to UK and also to make purchasing supplies simple and cost effective. Our bulbs are uniquely made to be fitted into existing light fittings and to provide similar amounts of light to existing bulbs - but with huge energy and cost savings!

Whether for new installations or for retrofit project, UK LED Lighting Direct have a extensive range of LED products meet a variety of needs, from home, office, retails, leisure or to large scale industrial use. We also have a wide range of LVD Induction Lamp available, including Street Lamp, High Bay Light & Floodlight etc. Induction Lamps last up to 100,000 hours of operation, - which is up to 5 times the rated life of other lamps on the market and do not need extra cost for maintenance. and it come with 5 years warranty. We are continuously improving our range of products to bring you the latest lighting technology. UK LED Lighting Direct provides you with excellent prices and choices and backed up with the best customer service. Please contact us for more information

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UK LED Lighting Direct

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