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Whether you or your business are in the food manufacturing or agricultural sector or looking for another business that is, then look at our free online UK Food Manufacturers Directory. By offering a wide range of listings in this sector, you are able to easily source whatever you are looking for in the most convenient way possible, quickly. We have a large resource of food and drink manufacturers, food supplies, food additives, food machinery equipment, and even nutrition products all from credited businesses, with all information about products and contact information listed all on our website. You’ll also find specialised products to aid you in the food manufacturing process, for example gas analysers and leak testing systems, controlled environment services and vacuum packers. Many of our listings not only supply their services, but also offer dedicated repairs and advice on their products to help with any enquiry that you may have.

Agricultural Services

Within our UK Food Manufacturers Directory found on FindtheNeedle, you will be able to find detailed business information about a range of companies that deal with agricultural services. Whether you or your business are in the agricultural industry and need to source agricultural products or machinery, or you simply require a service within this industry then we have a wide selection from both local and nationwide businesses. With Agriculture being such a constant factor within the UK, we know how important it is for you to get the correct product as efficiently as possible, so we make sure that all services and businesses listed match up with current UK standards, whether it is in agricultural machinery or feeds. With reputable businesses offering services and products such as feeds and incubators for poultry famers, as well as cleaning products, plug plants, testing equipment as well as crop sprayer manufacturers and bird scaring devices.

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