SEO Trends For 2017

As 2016 is about to finish, it is now time to look forward to 2017, and what SEO trends you and your business should look at implementing to stay ahead of the game.

SEO Trends

  1. AMPS – Many SEO blogs are reporting that this is the most important trend to get your head around. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are an open-source protocol that allows webmasters to create pages that load instantly on mobile devices. Google is already starting to give priority to these sites by showing an small icon showing their AMP status.
  2. User Experience Optimization РGoogle will start to favour pages that offer a better user experience, especially on mobile devices.
  3. Quality Content – There is going to be a difference in how search engines look at content. Instead of looking a what you write, they will look at what has actually been written, and how valuable it is.
  4. Personal Branding – You may have established your business branding, but what about your personal branding? Let your audience know he person behind the business. This works extremely well with bloggers and YouTubers, and is now time for business leaders to take the spotlight.
  5. Voice Search – With many devices offering voice recognition, it is now time for search engines to adapt this and offer voice searches.
  6. Social Content – People are tending to favour a businesses social content, so it is worth investing time in your social media SEO.