Why use Find the Needle?

A question we are often asked by prospective new members of the Find the Needle Trade website is “Why should we become members?” The answer is in fact multi-layered.

We are one of the highest ranked of all the UK trade directories. So naturally displaying all your products and/or services on such an engine would be smart and, from a marketing standpoint, wise.

You need to imagine your website as having an audience. If your SEO is healthy and your marketing plan smart then your audience should be large and targeted for your industry sector. Find the Needle opens your company up to an audience you would otherwise have no access to. It has taken fifteen years to build a database that appeals to the entire B2B market in the UK.

The highest number of new and unique visitors per day use Find the Needle to source Products and Services in your sector. The question should really be “How can we afford not to be listed on Find the Needle?”.

Secondary benefits are many, but the main two are ‘SEO’ and ‘Google exposure’.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very broad term, meaning how well your own website is geared towards performing in the search engines (Google etc.) and opinions vary greatly from SEO specialist to SEO specialist.

Where Find the Needle truly, and unequivocally, helps is with Backlinks. As much as Backlinks perhaps don’t hold the same level of importance as in the Pre Penguin and Panda Google update world, they are still an extremely important part of how Google will judge your own websites power on the web and performance within it’s own algorithms and results.

We build backlinks of high value with every page we build within your listing. Within months you will find that Find the Needle is highly likely to be comfortably within the top 3 backlink providers that your website has globally. And as a result this will improve your SEO rank within Googles. All our content has a high trust-flow rank and is unique in nature.

Google Exposure is really an obvious benefit. A trade directory with the power of Find the Needle will often be an extremely effective method of gaining page one results in Google for keywords important to your business that were proving elusive for your own website. We allow the client to add  unlimited products and/or services to each section of their listing.

Whilst we are at the mercy of Google algorithms as much as anybody else, we have years of experience in building listings that are effective within Google and provide stunning exposure for relative search results for our clients.

So to conclude. “Why use Find the Needle?” I would suggest you become a member for 12 months and let the results answer that question for you. We are confident in becoming not just an extremely beneficial media partner for you, but indeed your number one external marketing lead source in the UK.

Read all about it “GET YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA HERE.”


We now offer a comprehensive social media service to all our Find the needle advertisers. We will either set up new or access existing accounts. Then run all of your social media – Twitter, Facebook Linked Googleplus YouTube etc and post regular updates, content and articles tailored to your company on your behalf. Contacting you by phone or email either monthly or quarterly to find out what we should be shouting about on your behalf. Speak to your account manager today on 01279 461900 or email us for more information on pricing.


People view Twitter and Facebook as social networks, not marketing tools. As such they’re less likely to see your post as an advert and will be more likely to pay attention to what you have to say.

At Find the needle we have come full circle. The World Wide Web has never been so interconnected as it is today and the businesses that take advantage of social media as an advertising and promotion tool are the ones that are pulling ahead. With google changing the way that sites are ranked, most recently by warning all non secure websites that use login pages or e-commerce that they are no longer secure unless they move over to a secure web address. Following on from my previous blog:

“If you are still in the dark about blogs and tweets or what to do with the whole social media side of things, we can even help you setup your own YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and get you out there interacting with millions of potential clients and customers.”

                                                                 From our Blog (Is social media important to your business?)

The benefits of having your business in the social media limelight are many. If you have a dedicated team that are monitoring responses you can highlight certain areas that you may be lacking, your user base can feed back to you. If there’s a problem with one of your products or services, you want to know about it immediately. With the feedback you get in the process of social media marketing, you’ll be the first to know when there are issues – and you can take steps to resolve them right away.

While you are engaging in the process of marketing with your social media you’ll probably join a ton of groups related to your business, by posting links in these groups, you’ll help to  influence customers to check out your site. Which leads me onto my final point. There are customers out there that you will reach with social media that you may not have reached before. If you are using these tools right you can increase your customer base and start growing them for the future.



This shows the number of social media users worldwide from 2010 to 2016 with projections until 2020. In 2018, it is estimated that there will be around 2.67 billion social media users around the globe, up from 1.91 billion in 2014.

So don’t wait. Speak to your account manager today on 01279 461900 or email us for more information on pricing, and if you don’t have a listing with us register with us for free and let us show you how we can grow your online presence.

Is social media important to your business?

Why use social media?

Social media is the fastest way of reaching your customer base, social networking is such that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020, and if you use it correctly you could find it promoting your business long after your blog of post has gone live.

The Rule of seven

From its roots in early marketing the rule of seven has since translated to the modern age of marketing through social media. According to the Rule, only one in seven of your posts will promote your business. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be promoting your business with the other posts but you need to make sure you pair them with useful content that draws the attention of the reader.

Social media affords businesses the opportunity to communicate with your customer more than 7 times every day! And it’s easily done by sharing useful content and interacting with customers and prospects. You can then convert some fans into customers.

How many times has an advert stuck in your head because it’s clever or funny, bear that in mind when you are preparing to post a blog or news item to your social media account.

Using social media to promote your business like Facebook and Twitter or Linkedin is one of the best ways to reach your customers after all most of them will have at least one of the popular social media sites






What do we do, and what can we do for you?

Find the Needle have been listing businesses for over thirteen years, all the while growing with the times. We have links to all the popular social media sites on our listings and we can link a business Facebook and Twitter account into your listing so you can see your posts live on the listing.

At Find the Needle  we are also very proactive with our posts to social media as we find what better way to shout about your achievements than to tell our followers, and we have many. If we do an update for you or you have something special to promote we will do it for you.

Don’t do the whole social media thing! No problem. At Find the Needle we can also add your own videos from your website to our YouTube channel so they can then be added to your listing. If you are still in the dark about blogs and tweets or what to do with the whole social media side of things, we can even help you set up your own YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and get you out there interacting with millions of potential clients and customers.



Getting A More Secure Internet?

What’s all the fuss about?

As announced in early September, Google are pushing security through their chrome browser and search algorithm with HTTPS.

According to Google:

“Beginning in January 2017 (Chrome 56), we’ll mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.”

Google have been trying to get people using HTTPS for a while now. They have been telling us since 2014 that if given a choice between a website that uses HTTPS and one that doesn’t they will rank the one with HTTPS higher in the search results. So using HTTPS should give websites a higher ranking. This has encouraged many businesses to use HTTPS, Google are now trying to force it on people by issuing warnings through their Chrome browser.

HTTPS will give your site more security if you have sign in areas or e -commerce. An easy way to check the status of your website is to just take a look at the address bar, if your website has HTTPS you should see that part of the address is green and says HTTPS as illustrated in the picture below:


So why are we telling you about it.

The Google Analytics Referrals report is very straightforward. It will list all traffic that has come to your site from:

Non-search engine websites

Links to your site in which referral was not overwritten as the campaign source

Sadly, some of your referral traffic might be missing from your Referrals report, and this could have an impact on your numbers and ability to optimize based on referrals, it is important to know how your referral information is affected. Google Analytics will populate your Referral report based on referral information in the HTTP header.


What if the referral information is missing from the page request? This is actually the case for default HTTPS-to-HTTP (secure-to-non-secure) links.

If the pages on your website are only accessed through HTTPS protocol, you won’t be losing any referral info, since referral loss can happen when the visitor comes from an HTTPS page, not to an HTTPS page. If, on the other hand, your pages are accessed through http, you can quickly survey the number of the secure inbound links by performing a Google search  which will show inbound links to your domain that contain HTTPS.

What can you do about it?

As of January 2017 Find the Needle are 100% secure. We have thousands of listings that are now covered by HTTPS. Take a look at what we can do for you here at:


All the business listings we build at Find the Needle are HTTPS secure immediately. We are more than happy to give you advice on how you can make your own website secure using the new HTTPS web link, or even improve your ranking in Google using our expertise in search engine optimization.