Effective Link Building Tips for B2B Companies

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Is your link building strategy giving you the results you were hoping for? If not, it may be time to reconsider your position and approach this area of your business in a different way. Below are some of the most effective link building tips for B2B companies.

Automate Your Link Building Activities

Link building is a time consuming activity, so you need all the help you can get. A wide range of link building tools are available like linkdiscovery.co.uk that help you with research, allow you to build campaigns easily and can analyze your results.

Manage Your Link Building Work

Link building is often a task many B2B companies don’t take seriously. However, to benefit fully from this online marketing strategy, you need to manage this work properly. Drawing up a comprehensive plan and deciding who will do what, is the best place to start.

If there is a lot of work involved, it may be necessary to hire someone on a full time or part time basis who will carry out this important work. However, it’s not always a good idea to outsource this work, because many link building providers link from questionable sources or don’t deliver what they promise.

Link Quality

When it comes to back linking, quality is definitely more important than quantity. One link from a trusted authority website can be more valuable than dozens of links from poor quality websites. However, high quality links can be hard to come by, so you have to do a bit of extra leg work to get your links featured on better websites.

Network with Other Business Owners

As a B2B owner, you are in a great position to network with other business owners. In most cases, these business owners have their own websites. If you have built up a good relationship with these people, they will be more inclined to add a link to your website from their website if you ask them. These links can be added in a resource section of other people’s websites or if you have dealt with them in the past, you could add a testimonial on their website that includes a link back to your website.


Linking from websites that are related to what your business does, is an extremely powerful way to get more targeted visitors and obtain extremely valuable backlinks. You don’t have to link to your home page all of the time either, especially if you want to rank other web pages on your website.


Keywords play a huge role in many different online marketing activities including link building. This is why you should research and identify the main words and phrases your ideal visitors use to find your B2B business. Once you have compiled your list of keywords, they can be used as anchor text for the links you will place on other websites.

Link building has the potential to increase the amount of internet traffic your B2B business website receives. Following the tips above will ensure that you give yourself a fighting chance to make this positive change.

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