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Castrol Agri range - Tractor Oils

Castrol Agri range - Tractor Oils

Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world's leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions

The engine oil range includes synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils for all types of engines and NIPS also supply the legendary Castrol GTX motor oil, along with its new derivatives GTX Magnatec and GTD Magnatec. The same synthetic and mineral bases are used in the gear oil ranges which include the Hypoy, Dynadrive and Syntrans brands as well as EP and EPX grades. Automatic transmission oils available include the Transmax, TFC, TQD, TQF and TQ Dexron III ranges.

The Castrol Agri range includes MP Plus, a super universal tractor oil and MP, a universal tractor oil, in addition to the three tractor engine oils, Power, Power Plus and Power Ultra. Trans Plus is supplied for agricultural vehicle transmissions and Gear Plus for agricultural gears. Hydraulic Oil Plus can be used where ISO 32, 46 or 68 applications are required, reducing inventory while maintaining optimum performance. The range also includes MMO Milking Machine oil and a full range of agricultural greases.

The horticultural range includes 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine oils, chainsaw oils, 2 stroke and 4 stroke lawnmower oils and the Carelube range of bio-degradable hydraulic oils. Carelube HTG 32 is based on vegetable oil, while Carelube HES 46 is a high performance fully synthetic hydraulic fluid. Both are designed to have a reduced impact on the environment compared to conventional mineral oils and are ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Carelube CBL FE is a bio-degradable oil, based on rape-seed oil, for the lubrication of chainsaw chains and guides.

Hydraulic oil range for various industrial applications – Castrol Hyspin AWS, AWH-M and VG, plus Vitalube bio-degradable range. Industrial gear oils are the Castrol Alpha range, which is available in SP and ZN variants along with the Alphasyn range of synthetic gear oils. Compressor oils are provided by the Castrol Aircol range, and Refrigerated Compressor oils are the Castrol Icematic products.

Castrol Magna, Magna BD, Magna CF, Magna GC and Magnaglide D are the slideway oils, based upon highly refined mineral oils which incorporate tackiness and lubricity additives to give smooth slideway movement under heavy loads.

Turbine lubricants are the Castrol Perfecto range, available in T32, T46, T68 and T100 grades. They exhibit excellent stability and long life in the lubrication systems of steam, water and gas turbines – aggressive environments where heat, air, moisture and metal catalysts can all contribute to oil degradation.

Soluble metalworking fluids are Castrol Clearedge, Castrol Cooledge, Castrol Hysol, Castrol Superedge and Castrol Syntilo ranges.Neat metalworking fluids are Castrol Carecut, Castrol Honilo, Castrol Ilobroach, Castrol Ilocut and Castrol Iloform.Aqueous cleaners are Castrol Careclean, Castrol Flexiclean and Castrol Techniclean.

Cleaning agents are Castrol Bodywash Super (available in 208L and 20L packs), Castrol Careclean L40 (400ml aerosol) and Castrol Solvex ICD 173 (in 20L packs). The Castrol Rustilo range offers a wide range of corrosion prevention solutions. Castrol Castcon range is intended for concrete applications. Castrol Whitemor WOM 14, Whitemor WOM 24 and Whitemor WOM 65 are medicinal white oils for medicinal and food grade applications. Castrol grease range features Spheerol, Pyroplex, Impervia, Optimol and others. Castrol spill-kits are also stocked and NIPS have access to a wide range of products to help ensure that our customers comply with the new Oil Storage Regulations.

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Carelube Bio&#45;degradable Hydraulic Oils

Carelube Bio-degradable Hydraulic Oils

Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world's leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions ...

Castrol GTX Motor Oil

Castrol GTX Motor Oil

Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world's leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions ...