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1234 AC Motor Controller

1234 AC Motor Controller

The Curtis Model 1234 provides advanced control of AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive or hydraulic pump duties. It offers vehicle developers a highly cost-effective combination of power, performance and functionality.

Designed primarily for material handling vehicles such as warehouse trucks and small counterbalance forklifts. The Model 1234 is equally suitable for utility vehicles, golf cars and Light-On-Road applications.

Only Curtis AC can offer: • Curtis VCL -Vehicle Control Language is an easy to use programming language that allows vehicle developers to write powerful logic functions and create a ‘virtual system controller’. Curtis offers customers VCL development tools and training. Curtis also provides a VCL service where Curtis engineers will work with the OEM to create any custom VCL code required. • Indirect Field Orientation (IFO) vector control algorithm generates the maximum possible torque and efficiency across the entire speed range. Advanced Curtis IFO vector control provides superb drive ‘feel’, improved speed regulation and increased gradeability. • Curtis Auto-Tune function enables quick and easy characterization of the AC motor without having to remove it from the vehicle. Curtis AC controllers are fully compatible with any brand of AC motor. • Dual-Drive functionality is standard, allowing correct control of applications featuring twin traction motors. This function ensures smooth and safe operation, minimal tire wear and correct load sharing between the traction motors at all times. • Configurable CANbus connection allows communication with other CANbus enabled devices. Model 1234 is CANopen compatible and can be further customized and configured using VCL. • Integrated System Controller - More than just a motor controller, it is also powerful system controller. It features a comprehensive allocation of multi-function I/O pins for use as analog inputs, digital inputs, contactor coil drivers and proportional valve drivers. In addition to this local I/O, this controller can use VCL to map and configure the remote I/O available on other CANbus devices, send messages to CAN displays and thus control and monitor the entire system.

Features • Advanced functionality, compact power • High frequency, silent operation across the 0-300Hz stator frequency range. • Models available for 200-350A output at 24-48V system voltages. These are true 2 minute RMS ratings, not short duration ‘boost’ ratings. • Powerful operating system allows parallel processing of vehicle control tasks, motor control tasks and user configurable programmable logic. • Advanced Pulse Width Modulation techniques produce low motor harmonics, low torque ripple and minimized heating losses, resulting in high efficiency.

Unmatched Flexibility • Programmable for either traction or pump applications. • Field upgradeable software. • Integrated Battery state-of-charge algorithm and hour meter. • Multi-ModeTM provides user-selectable vehicle operating profiles. • Fully-featured generic software and VCL for typical Warehouse Truck applications is included. • Comprehensive programming options and VCL allow other applications to be easily supported. • Curtis hand-held or PC Windows programming tools provide easy programming and powerful system diagnostic tools. • Integrated status LED provides instant diagnostic indication. Robust Safety and Reliability • Insulated Metal Substrate power base provides superior heat transfer for increased reliability. • Fail-Safe power component design. • Redundant hardware watchdog timers. • Reverse polarity protection on battery connections. • Short circuit protection on all output drivers. • Thermal cutback, warning, and automatic shutdown provide protection to motor and controller. • Rugged sealed housing and connectors meet IP65 environmental sealing standards for use in harsh environments.

Meets or complies with relevant US and International Regulations EM

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