ISO 16232 Cleanliness

ISO 16232 Cleanliness

A comprehensive range of sampling techniques are available within the facility to ensure a deep and thorough representative sample is taken. We have at our disposal; flushing, presure spray, agitation, flow benches, shaker tables, pusation and aeration processes to provide the optimium solution for each and every component passing through the laboratory. Along with a standard gravimetric assessment utilising pre-condioned filter membranes, both online optical and microscopic particle analysis can be undertaken. A rigorous quality control system is implemented and maintained within the cleaning and analysis laboratory rooms for airbourne contaminants, water purification, baseline fluids, circuit system filtration along with regular baseline master sampling and participation in inter labaoratory comparison audits.

Due to the similarity of ISO 16232 (for component assessment) and ISO 4406 (for fluid assessment), both standards can be accommodated.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Pulsation pigging Flow benches Dry & Wet Steam Aqueous and Solvent Systems High Frequency Shaker Tables Low Frequency Agitation Components

Closed gallery components Aviation Components Automotive Hydraulic Motorpsort Production lines

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