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Hertfordshire Lawn Created With Jubilee Grade Turf

Hertfordshire Lawn Created With Jubilee Grade Turf

This homeowner in Hertfordshire has a near perfect lawn and a beautiful garden. If you’re looking for garden inspiration, this project will definitely pique your interest.

Hertfordshire is a beautiful part of the UK. With its rolling hills, endless hedgerows and lovely leafy lanes it’s a great place to escape to. Hertford itself is less than 60 minutes away from central London by train.

Our project is not too far away from London. It’s just inside the M25, not far from the M1 motorway. However, once inside this garden you feel as though you are miles and miles from the city. Welcome to Radlett.

Every Garden Transformation begins with a vision hertfordshire garden plan

It’s rare for the lawn to be the centre of attention in a garden. And that’s the case in this garden too. But that’s OK. A garden feature doesn’t have to be “in your face” to do a good job. This homeowner wanted to create a garden which is a luxurious and relaxing haven for family and friends. Entertaining features heavily in their lifestyle and a high-quality finish was paramount.

The landscape consultant who helped design and builds this beautiful space is Richard Bickler from Arbour Landscape Solutions. Richard has a lot of experience in the landscape industry and understands the value of a natural lawn.

The key to a perfect lawn lies in ground preparation preparing for a new lawn

My Nan (who incidentally also lived in Hertfordshire) always told me that you have to make a mess to clear one up. This project certainly got messy. Here we are in late March just starting on the groundworks.

There’s more to this garden than the lawn, the groundworks are to create two terraces. A lower one next to the house and an upper one which is where our lawn is.

soil preparation

It’s hard to imagine that this will ever be a lawn – but just you wait………

The finished lawn This whole project was finished to the highest standards imaginable.

Just look at it now.

lawn in hertfordshire

The finished seating area just as it appears in the preliminary plans. We love the way that the bright white paving contrasts with the lush green lawn. Those silver birch trees pick out the green and the white colour scheme as do the cushions on those rather comfy looking seats.

The stripes in the lawn marry up with a pattern of the western red cedar fencing too. Clever.

lawn in hertfordshire

Here’s a feature I’d like to point out to you. This clever landscaper has laid the turf so that the soil is exactly level with the porcelain paving. Why is that important? Well, every time the lawn is cut, the mower will trim the edges at the same time. Saves so much maintenance!

view over hertfordshire lawn

How the lawn looks from the seating area. It’s not a big area of grass, just 110 square metres of Jubilee Turf were delivered to this site. But clever garden design and very precise turf laying have made this into a stunning new lawn. And you can do the same thing in your garden…

How to lay turf to make a lawn like this

Order Jubilee Turf online

A very different case study – this one features a wildflower garden in Essex

For more information follow this link: Hertfordshire Lawn Created With Jubilee Grade Turf

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