Mr. Zold

Mr. Zold

5 stars: Excellent Published 27 Aug 2020 Verified The bfan is a great addition to help you have a more comfortable nights sleep During our recent very hot summer days, even with a good quality fan in the room, it was still difficult to sleep and with many mattresses and pillows now having some form of memory foam, this just seemed to make the bed even warmer and difficult to sleep on!

I found the bfan after a lot of research on-line and ordered it from The Henley Fan Company.

Received it the next day and it was remarkably simple to set-up.

The latest version, (V3) features a DC brushless motor, which means it is very quiet, you hear the air flow more than the fan. The double fan blades are mounted either side of the motor in the base of the unit with the air channelled up a narrow adjustable air duct just level with the top of your mattress.

Part of the clever design and depending on how high your bed frame is, it may allow you to hide the fan base under the bed, as the air duct section slots either way round.

The wireless remote allows you to turn the unit on and off and to adjust the speed of the fan and has a 4 and 9 hour sleep timer options.

You need to use a top sheet which tucks over the air outlet and around the bed, to allow the air to be funnelled along the bed from the air outlet.

Although most people will use the bfan at the middle end of the bed to blow air upwards towards your pillows, you can actually position the bfan anywhere around the bed, but note that positioning it at the side of a bed with a side sleeper will restrict the air flow from fully reaching the other person!

I was very sceptical about how effective the bfan would be. It blows a gentle but adjustable curtain of air from the bottom of the bed, or wherever you have position the unit and really helps to ease you into sleep on uncomfortably hot nights, something that you have to experience to appreciate the difference it makes to a room fan. My partner also finds it a welcome relief for twitchy, hot feet.

The fan can easily lift your top sheet off the bed in waves of airflow and will even do this on a higher setting with a light duvet.

There are some things to bear in mind.

This is just a clever fan, designed for your bed, it does not cool or heat the air, so whatever the air temperature of your room, is what you get, but the movement of air within your bedding gives you the feeling of making it more comfortable.

We have found that we use it most nights even when it is much cooler, for short amount of time, the downside is that you do get cold feet!

Having now used the bfan for a number of weeks, we would not be without it and feel that it is a worthy addition that has more impact than a normal room fan!

I would like bfan to consider a few improvements for their next model.

I do not see how the 9 hour sleep option is of any use. To me that’s all night long and you would just turn the unit off when you get up.

More useful would be a 2, 4 and 6 hour sleep timer options.

I would also like to see the option of turning on a warmer option that just takes the chill off the air to stop you getting cold feet when the room air is colder and allowing you to use the bfan more year round!

Lastly, I would like to see a safety cut off if the fan is knocked over, which although unlikely, is possible depending which way round the fan base is.

For more information on  Mr. Zold  talk to  The Henley Fan Company Ltd

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