Grinding & Surface Finishing

Grinding & Surface Finishing

Teknox UK Ltd provides a complete range of Surface Cleaning Systems from small manual cleaning to fully automated multi washing/rinsing & drying conveyor systems. With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, Teknox Srl continues to develop many unique patented features to suit our customer's cleaning applications. As an example, sometimes during a cell manufacturing process, a small VOC solvent-free parts cleaner is ideal to allow for manufactured products to be cleaned before a quality inspection check. So, the operator can work quickly and cleanly within the test area. These Non-Hazardous cleaners require minimum operator’s personnel protection (only eye goggles & gloves) and being VOC free can be used in an open production area without emitting smells and fumes that are emitted from solvent-based parts cleaners. The Bio X cleaning solution used within these cleaners is a Bio-Remediation solution that turns the washed oils and greases back into the water, thus not only safe for the operator but also does not generate any hazardous waste by-products that require off-site waste removal.

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