Are all parts washers the same?

Are all parts washers the same?

It is important to consider all the features of a parts washer when comparing models available on the market. The cheapest purchase price will often have the most expensive operational cost. They normally use a solvent based cleaning solution that has environmental and operator usage liabilities, as well as increased waste disposal costs. Performance can be slow, as economy parts washers use wash pumps with very low output pressures and flow rates to save cost. At Teknox we have been making parts washers since 1967, our reputation worldwide is for quality manufacturing of reliable and fit for purpose manual parts washers, even for intermittent usage in such areas as maintenance departments, small batch manufacturing production areas and pre-quality control inspection areas. When choosing any parts cleaner, always consider these features. 1, Cleaning solutions, wherever possible use a non-hazardous cleaner. We recommend water-based cleaning solutions (unless you have a solvent based contaminated product). We even have a VOC free solvent option for this type of application as well. Our water-based cleaning solutions lift the contaminates away from the product. 2, Heat substantially accelerates the contaminate separation process and provides residual warmth to dry off the products after cleaning. 3, The cleaning agitation effect is normally generated using a manual washing brush to remove the contaminate. But this type of cleaning will only clean the flat surfaces or shallow areas and involves operator time and his dedication to fully clean an item. At Teknox we have developed a manual parts washer that can be easily adjusted up to 60* C temperature and up to 9 bar (adjustable) washing pressure to gently blast away oil and other contaminates very quickly, reducing the operators washing time. The washing spray can also be used to clean away machining swarf from castings before a quality control inspection. As standard we fit a compressed air blow gun for drying off the products. This reduces the risk of wet and dripping products being removed from the washer. Our quality parts washers are made of Aisi 304 stainless-steel and can be enhanced further by a number of user options depending on your cleaning requirements, such as the use of Bio-remediation cleaners that will digest the waste oil removed from the products and turn the waste oil back into water. Reducing the on cost of service and waste disposal costs further.

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