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Taylor Hobson Ltd

Taylor Hobson is company specialising in ultra-precision technology, operating at the highest levels of accuracy

The company offers non-contact and contact surface and form metrology solutions for the most demanding applications.

We can provide worldwide support, with global sales, technical support and aftermarket service infrastructure

We are always evolving our product range to meet the ever growing demands of today's industries. Our products are widely used in the development and production of next generation technologies, particularly in semiconductor, hard disk, precision optics and energy technologies.


Ultra Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator

Ultra Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator

Using the latest CCD technology the new Ultra Dual Axis Autocollimator is a very versatile instrument providing high accuracy and stability over a ser...

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Ultra High Precision Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator

Ultra High Precision Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator

A high precision Autocollimator, suitable for ultra-precision measurements and indexing of small angles. One of the most precise autocollimators on t...

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Taylor Hobson Ltd

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