New V11 Digital Pro controller

New V11 Digital Pro controller

The New V11 Pro Digital range of controls are here

The V11 Pro Digital features all of the tried and tested strengths of Spring (Europe) Ltd controls used by pure water professionals for over 7 years

Plus we have added:

Advanced Micro DE retesting Accurate Battery Voltage testing Low Battery cut off - Override function Extended Battery Life

Dead end detection detects when the water flow is restricted (e.g the pole has been disconnected from the hose or there is a blockage) and safely shuts down the pump. Simply clear the blockage and/or reconnect the pole and the pump will start up again.

The V11 Pro Digital controller will run with or without a pump pressure switch. However, we recommend that you use one to give ultimate protection. The new micro DE retest means you can leave the system in DE for prolonged periods with no pressure build up in your system, thus avoiding potential hose or connector blow outs and reducing the risk of a split hose.

Accurate battery voltage testing

The battery voltage is available at the touch of a button. Our new V11 Pro Digital controller will give accurate voltage readings – no more worries about voltage drop down the cable.

You can have complete confidence that if the display shows 11.6 volts at the battery it is absolutely accurate. Furthermore, the controller will shut down the system when the battery is too low, preventing irreversible battery damage.

The V11 will display 'bat' if the voltage falls below 11V, If voltage falls below 10.5V the control will shut down the pump to protect the battery (Unless low battery override has been activated)

Low Battery voltage cut off - Override function

With our new feature simply choose to override the low battery cut off. This can be done with a click of a button. The controller will still display accurate voltage and give a low battery warning. This gives confidence at the end of the day that you have enough battery power to finish that job without having to swap or recharge the battery.

Note: running your battery below 10.5 volts could cause permanent damage to the battery cells. The controller will have a factory default with the Low battery cut off enabled. To disable the cut off follow instructions on the quick start guide. We Recommend that the factory default be used as the normal setting. It is recommended that the override only be used to complete the job in hand and not be used as a permanent setting

  • Your Battery is at risk of permanent damage if you disable the low battery cut off and continue to use your controller for long periods when battery voltage is below 10.5V. The pump will continue to draw current and drain the battery completely.

Extended battery life

Our engineers have excelled by making the V11 Pro Digital controller even more energy efficient, allowing you to work longer on the same charge. Less energy use means:

Less wasted energy Longer working per charge Efficient energy transfer to the pump

Note: Each system will differ as will the efficiency of the battery pump and cables used in any installation. Due the improved efficiency of the V11 we have seen lower current consumption when compared to the V9

For more information on  New V11 Digital Pro controller  talk to  Spring (Europe) Ltd

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