Soudal Ral Color Coloured Silicone Sealant Colour - Ral 3011 Brown Red

Soudal Ral Color Coloured Silicone Sealant Colour - Ral 3011 Brown Red

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Soudal Ral 3011 BrownRed Color Coloured Silicone SealantColour


Ral 3011 Colour Swatch


Soudal Color Ral 3011 Brown Red Coloured Silicone SealantColour

Silirub Color Ral Colour is a high-quality,neutral cure elastical one-component joint silicone sealant basedon oxime silicones.

Ral 3011 Brown Red has been speciallydeveloped for colour matched sealing based on the RAL ColourSystem.



  • Easy application

  • Permanent colour, UV-resistant

  • Stays elastic after curing

  • Very good adhesion on mostsurfaces

  • Low modulus oxime

  • High gloss finish




Building and construction joints whichrequire a colour matched sealant
The sealing of glazing works on powder coated aluminium, ceramic,PVC, painted wood, metal, bickwork, concrete etc.
Joints with high movement between different buildingmaterials


Below is the Soudal Ral Chart we also have amuch larger range in the

fixology Ral coloured Silicone sealant if you cant find what you need


Ral Coloured Sealant


Soudal Ral ColourChart


ral colour 1002ral colour 1013ral colour 1015 colour 3005

?Sand Yellow

Ral 1002

Oyster White

?Ral 1013

Light Ivory

Ral 1015

Purple Red

Ral 3004

Wine Red

Ral 3005

ral colour 3020Ral Colour 5002Ral Colour 5010Ral Colour 5010

Black Red

Ral 3007

Traffic Red

Ral 3020

Ultra Marine

Ral 5002

Genitian Blue

Ral 5010

Steel Blue

Ral 5011

Ral Colour 6005Ral Colour 6009 Colour 7011

Moss Green

Ral 6005

Fir Green

Ral 6009

Olive Drab

Ral 6022

Beige Grey

Ral 7006

Iron Grey

Ral 7011

Ral Colour 7012Ral Colour 7015Ral Colour 7016ral colour 7021Ral Colour 7022

Basalt Grey

Ral 7012

Slate Grey

Ral 7015

Anthracite Grey

Ral 7016

Black Grey

Ral 7021

Umber Grey

Ral 7022

Ral Colour 7030Ral Colour 7032Ral Colour 7035Ral Colour 7039Ral Colour 8003

Stone Grey

Ral 7030

Pebble Grey

Ral 7032

Light Grey

Ral 7035

Quartz Grey

Ral 7039

Clay Brown

Ral 8003

Ral Colour 8014Ral Colour 8017Ral Colour 9001Ral Colour 9006Ral Colour 9007

Sepia Brown

Ral 8014

Chocolate Brown

Ral 8017


Ral 9001

White Aluminium

Ral 9006

Grey Aluminium

Ral 9007

Ral Colour 9010

Pure White

Ral 9010

Brown Red

Ral 3011



Please note that these colour swatches are forguidance only

Colours will vary in depth from screen toscreen.


We have Ral Colour Cards for sale

K7 Classic Ral Colour Card



Ral Colours Currently Available in theSoudal Color Brand

Ral 1002, Ral 1013, Ral 1015, Ral 3004, Ral3005,

Ral 3007, Ral 3020, Ral 5002, Ral 5010, Ral5011,

Ral 6005, Ral 6009, Ral 6022, Ral 7006, Ral7011,

Ral 7012, Ral 7015, Ral 7016, Ral 7021, Ral7022,

Ral 7030, Ral 7032, Ral 7035, Ral 7039, Ral8003,

Ral 8014, Ral 8017, Ral 9001, Ral 9006, Ral9007,

Ral 9010.


New Colours

Ral 3011.

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