Fixology Colour Ral Coloured Silicone Sealant - 7026 Granite Grey

Fixology Colour Ral Coloured Silicone Sealant - 7026 Granite Grey

Product Code: 27351

Fixology Colour Ral 7026 Granite GreyColoured Bathroom and Building Silicone Sealant

Fixology Granite Grey Ral 7026 ColouredSilicone Applications:

  • Bathroom showers and wet rooms

  • Building expansion joints

  • Frames inc PVC Aluminium metal wood and powdercoated surfaces etc.

  • Excellent resistance to weathering and UVrays,

  • Offers excellent adhesion to most constructionand industrial materials,

  • Contains a Powerfull Anti-Fungal

  • Wide range of Ral coloured Silicone sealantavailable


Jotun K7 Classic Ral Colour Swatch Card


"Fixology Full Ral ColourChart"


ral colour 1001ral colour 1002ral colour 1003ral colour 1011ral colour 1013


?? Ral 1001

?Sand Yellow

? Ral 1002

?Signal Yellow

??? Ral 1003

Brown Beige

??? Ral 1011

Oyster White

?Ral 1013

ral colour 1015ral colour 1018ral colour 1019ral colour 1024Ral Colour 2011

Light Ivory

Ral 1015

Zinc Yellow

Ral 1018

Grey Beige

Ral 1019

Ochre Yellow

Ral 1024

Deep Orange

Ral 2011

ral colour 3000ral colour 3001ral colour 3002ral colour 3005ral colour 3020

Flame Red

Ral 3000

Signal Red

Ral 3001

Carmine Red

Ral 3002

Wine Red

Ral 3005

Traffic Red

Ral 3020

Ral Colour 5001Ral Colour 5002Ral_Colour_5005_Signal_BlueRal Colour 5008Ral Colour 5010

Green Blue

Ral 5001

Ultra Marine

Ral 5002

Signal Blue

Ral 5005

Grey Blue

Ral 5008

Genitian Blue

Ral 5010

Ral Colour 5010Ral Colour 5012Ral Colour 5014Ral Colour 5024Ral Colour 6000

Steel Blue

Ral 5011

Light Blue

Ral 5012

Pigeon Blue

Ral 5014

Pastel Blue

Ral 5024

Patina Green

Ral 6000

ral colour 6001Ral Colour 6003Ral Colour 6005Ral Colour 6009Ral Colour 6013

Emerald Green

Ral 6001

Olive Green

Ral 6003

Moss Green

Ral 6005

Fir Green

Ral 6009

Reed Green

Ral 6013

Ral Colour 6015Ral Colour 6018Ral Colour 6019Ral Colour 6020Ral Colour 6021

Black Olive

Ral 6015

Yellow Green

Ral 6018

Pastel Green

Ral 6019

Chrome Green

Ral 6020

Pale Green

Ral 6021

Ral Colour 6025Ral Colour 6027Ral Colour 6028ral colour 7000Ral Colour 7001

Fern Green

Ral 6025

Light Green

Ral 6027

Pine Green

Ral 6028

Squirel Grey

Ral 7000

Silver Grey

Ral 7001

Ral Colour 7002Ral Colour 7003Ral Colour 7004

Olive Grey

Ral 7002

Moss Grey

Ral 7003

Signal Grey

Ral 7004

Mouse Grey

Ral 7005

Beige Grey

Ral 7006

Ral Colour 7010Ral Colour 7011Ral Colour 7012Ral Colour 7015Ral Colour 7016

Tarpaulin Grey

Ral 7010

Iron Grey

Ral 7011

Basalt Grey

Ral 7012

Slate Grey

Ral 7015

Anthracite Grey

Ral 7016

ral colour 7021Ral Colour 7022Ral Colour 7023Ral Colour 7024Ral Colour 7026

Black Grey

Ral 7021

Umber Grey

Ral 7022

Concrete Grey

Ral 7023

Graphite Grey

Ral 7024

Granite Grey

Ral 7026

Ral Colour 7030Ral Colour 7031Ral Colour 7032Ral Colour 7033Ral Colour 7034

Stone Grey

Ral 7030

Blue Grey

Ral 7031

Pebble Grey

Ral 7032

Cement Grey

Ral 7033

Yellow Grey

Ral 7034

Ral Colour 7035Ral Colour 7036Ral Colour 7037Ral Colour 7038Ral Colour 7039

Light Grey

Ral 7035

Platinum Grey

Ral 7036

Dusty Grey

Ral 7037

Agate Grey

Ral 7038

Quartz Grey

Ral 7039

Ral Colour 7040Ral Colour 7042 ARal Colour 7043 BpngRal colour 7044Ral Colour 7045 Telegrey 1

Window Grey

Ral 7040

Traffic Grey

Ral 7042 A

Traffic Grey B

Ral 7043

Silk Grey

Ral 7044

Telegrey 1

Ral 7045

ral colour 7046Ral Colour 7047Ral Colour 8003Ral Colour 8007Ral Colour 8014

Telegrey 2

Ral 7046

Telegraph Grey

Ral 7047

Clay Brown

Ral 8003

Fawn Brown

Ral 8007

Sepia Brown

Ral 8014

Ral Colour 8017ral colour 8019Ral Colour 8022Ral Colour 8028 Terra BrownRal Colour 9001

Chocolate Brown

Ral 8017

Grey Brown

Ral 8019

Black Brown

Ral 8022

Terra Brown

Ral 8028


Ral 9001

Ral Colour 9002Ral Colour 9003ral colour 9005Ral Colour 9006Ral Colour 9007

Grey White

Ral 9002

Signal White

Ral 9003

Jet Black

Ral 9005

White Aluminium

Ral 9006

Grey Aluminium

Ral 9007

Ral Colour 9010Ral Colour 9016Ral Colour 9018 Papyrus WhiteRal Colour Chartwell Green?

Pure White

Ral 9010

Traffic White

Ral 9016

Papyrus White

Ral 9018





(Please note that these colour swatches are forguidance only due to the way

individual computer screens differ consult ahard copy ral card for best results )

Fixology Premium Colour Ral Coloured Bathroom andBuilding Silicone Sealant

High Performance Premium neutral Cure Siliconesealant specially

designed for many applications where a QualityRAL coloured sealant is required

Ral Colour Sealant Category


Ral Colours Available in FixologyRange:

Ral-1001 Ral-1002 Ral-1003 Ral-1011 Ral-1013 Ral-1015 Ral-1018Ral-1019 Ral-1024 Ral-2011 Ral-3000 Ral-3001 Ral-3002 Ral-3005Ral-3020 Ral-5001 Ral-5002 Ral-5008 Ral-5010 Ral-5011 Ral-5012Ral-5014 Ral-5024 Ral-6000 Ral-6001 Ral-6003 Ral-6005 Ral-6009Ral-6013 Ral-6015 Ral-6018 Ral-6019 Ral-6020 Ral-6021 Ral-6025Ral-6027 Ral-6028 Ral-7000 Ral-7001 Ral-7002 Ral-7003 Ral-7004Ral-7005 Ral-7006 Ral-7010 Ral-7011 Ral-7012 Ral-7015 Ral-7016Ral-7021 Ral-7022 Ral-7023 Ral-7024 Ral-7026 Ral-7030 Ral-7031Ral-7032 Ral-7033 Ral-7034 Ral-7035 Ral-7036 Ral-7037 Ral-7038Ral-7039 Ral-7040 Ral-7042 Ral-7043 Ral 7044 Ral-7045 Ral-7046Ral-7047 Ral-8001 Ral-8003 Ral-8007 Ral-8014 Ral-8017 Ral-8019Ral-8022 Ral-9001 Ral-9002 Ral-9003 Ral-9005 Ral-9006 Ral-9007Ral-9010 Ral-9016 Ral-5005 Ral-8028 Ral-9018Ral-Chartwell-Green.

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