Everbuild Maximum Torque Grab Adhesive Double Grab MAXTQWE

Everbuild Maximum Torque Grab Adhesive Double Grab MAXTQWE

Product Code: 23287

Everbuild Maximum TorqueMAXTQWE

Double the grabAdhesive

THE ultimate high grab buildingadhesive.







based on next generation hybrid PA polymertechnology is THE ultimate high grab building adhesive.

Also suitable for brick slip instalationprojects.

The unique polymer blend used in MAXIMUM TORQUEgives incredible initial grab, typically double that of most grabadhesives on the market today,

Eliminating the need for temporary support inmost applications.

MAXIMUM TORQUE has the ability to bondbasically EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in virtually all conditions, evenunder water or in the rain.

Cures to a tough flexible elastic rubber, whichalso makes it suitable for use as a sealant.


Benefits from using Maximum Torque overother adhesives

Incredible initial grab. Double that of mostcommon grab adhesives.

High ultimate bonding strength.

Interior and Exterior Use.

Can be applied to damp/wet Surfaces.

Totally Waterproof and Weatherproof.

Quick Curing.

Overpaintable if required.

Solvent Free odour less formula.

Resistant to temperature extremes -40?C to+150?C.

Permanently Flexible +/- 12.5% movementaccommodation.

Resistant to Chemicals and Petrol (10% diluteacids/alkalis, most solvents).

Excellent primer less adhesion to mostsurfaces, including metals, most plastics, glass, concrete,plaster, plasterboard, polyester, Perspex, glass, wood, enamel,painted surfaces Fiberglass etc etc.

Also suitable for brick slipinstallations



Bonding in almost every applicationimaginable, both internally and externally. The following are justsome examples:

Bonding Brick Slips

As a high quality nail replacement adhesive,even to damp surfaces.

External and internal perimeter pointing arounddoors and windows, especially in mobile structures such as caravansand boats.

Bonding mirrors to most commonsubstrates.

Automotive gap filling and sealing.

Jointing cladding panels.

Bonding difficult materials such as specialisedpolymer systems, metals and fiberglass.

Any application requiring high performance,durable sealing and bonding of joints.


Note: Product is by its nature stiff to gun.Always discharge using a good quality sealantgunEVERBUILD POWERPRO.or COX POWER PRO


Limitations andRecommendations

Use on overhead applications ? Always usein conjunction with mechanical fixings.

Use in conjunction with mechanical fixings forlarge mirrors (>1m? total area).

Temporary support is not normally required,however for extremely heavy items; provide temporary support untiladhesive has dried.

Do not seal mirror edges/plastic sheeting untiladhesive has cured.

Do not use on surfaces that bleed oils orplasticizers.

Bonding glass blocks: always check withmanufacturer of blocks re; suitability for use before assembly asthis is a structural application and their specified methods mustbe followed.

Overpaintability: As quality and type of paintcan vary, always test compatibility before use.

Do not use on polythene safety backed mirrors,polypropylene or Teflon.

Using on stone: as quality of natural stone canvary, always test for staining resistance/compatibility prior tofull scale use. If in doubt use Hybriflex NS.

Use as a sealant; do not use in applicationswhere movement is greater than +/- 12.5%.

It is the user?s responsibility todetermine suitability for use. Adhesion trials recommended beforelarge scale application. If in doubt, please contact TechnicalServices Department for advice.


Surface Prep:

All surfaces must be clean, sound and dustfree.



All surfaces to be sealed must be sound andclean. MAXIMUM TORQUE comes complete with a pre-cut V notchednozzle which ensures correct depth of adhesive is discharged fromtube. Cut the tip of the cartridge, taking care not to damage thethread. Screw on nozzle and apply using a good quality sealant gunholding the gun at 90 degrees to the surface to be bonded. Applyadhesive direct to back of one surface only, in lines spaced at30-40mm centres. Immediately place item into position and securewith good, even pressure and with a slight twistaction.

NOTE: MAXIMUM TORQUE will skin over withinapproximately 15-30 minutes. Through cure will be approximately 2mmin depth per 24 hours. This may be slower on non poroussurfaces.


See theComplete Range of Adhesive Categories


Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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Everbuild Maximum Torque Grab Adhesive Double The Grab Box Of 12

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