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Scissoran Studios is a multi discipline studio that makes short films, feature length movies and film score with original material.

The Wall Of Lyon, is the first short film from Scissoran Studios; disturbances begin to plague Cassini, tension ramps up as all those live behind The Walls are force to face their greatest fears.

A part of Ashleigh Harley’s four part series, ‘The Wall of Lyon’ saga spans from a larger cycle of work, having been seven years in development there is much more to come for all lovers of fantasy and science-fiction!

The Wall Of Lyon

The Wall of Lyon - Short Film

The Wall of Lyon - Short Film

The 1st product is "The Wall of Lyon"


The Wall of Lyon is a dark fantasy adventure film full of action, hope, change and escaping oppression.

A 30 minute 'Episode'; The Wall of Lyon follows two central characters whom have been secluded within the village of Eldon, an ancient community that has remained hidden for an age by the towering walls of Lyon constructed to protect the villagers from the dangers that lie beyond the walls.

Having lived in oppression for many generations the residents of Eldon are unaware as to what lies beyond the walls in Hinterland and naturally they live in fear, thus we observe the suffering and isolation that is enforced upon the main female character as she pushes the boundaries.

The story unfolds when disturbances begin to plague the villagers and our main characters, half-human twins Cassini and Fenri are forced to face the horrors of Eldon as The Fallen conspire to enrage war on their perpetrators. The outcast siblings suffer heart-breaking tribulation as the rebellion rises and they are forced to turn against each other, and with their sacrifice the truth is revealed.

This narrative is an integral piece of a greater body of work, which sparks a greater series of events that continue to evolve throughout the series.

The principles that lie behind the series are diverse:

• There is no such thing as good and evil.

• The simplicity and ignorance of physical life is wonderful.

• There is no prejudice to the simplicity of a physical life whether you are an aristocrat or a beggar.

• Reality only exists from the perspective of the individual.

• And the only way to unite a fractured society is with enlightenment.

The Wall of Lyon shows glimpses each of these principles in its short 30 minute duration and introduces us to some of the characters, themes and events that we will experience in my epic saga in years to come.

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“Incarcerated by the Walls of Lyon, and laid bare to the scrutinizing watch of The Guard, inhuman twin brother and sister are forced to face the inescapable. For what lies beyond the Walls; turns man against himself.”

The Wall of Lyon: Coming Soon.

Written & Directed by Ashleigh Harley.

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