Xeon 6-Core 'Sabertooth' Added to VersaLogic’s Turnkey Evaluation Program

Xeon 6-Core 'Sabertooth' Added to VersaLogic’s Turnkey Evaluation Program

VersaLogic Corp has added their powerful Xeon 6-core “Sabertooth” embedded computer to their successful Turnkey Evaluation System loaner program.

Making it easy for customers to start development with one of VersaLogic’s rugged, embedded single board computers, VersaLogic offers their popular board-level products as boxed, turnkey systems, complete with an installed OS, for quick and easy testing and evaluation.

Reading a pile of of datasheets and specification documents is all well and good, but real hands on testing is the best way to determine whether a product will really work in your specific application, especially with all the I/O, video and processor options available.

The TurnKey kits from VersaLogic are no-charge 45-day loaner evaluation systems that are enclosed, powered, and preloaded with Windows or Linux OS. You simply plug it in, turn it on, load your application and away you go, eliminating as much as 95% of the set up usually required to evaluate board level products. Users of the kits are also eligible to participate in VersaLogic’s Field Advisory Board, a group that influences the functions and features of future VersaLogic products – have your say in the next innovations!

The high-performance Sabertooth with 128 GB NVMe SSD storage and 32 GB ECC RAM is now available under this program. Other modules included in the Turnkey Evaluation program are the Grizzly (Embedded Server Unit with Intel Server-Class 16-core Processor), Harrier (Intel Atom "Apollo Lake" based EPU) and Blackbird (Intel Skylake EPU). To find out about the Sabertooth, or the Turnkey Evaluation Program, please contact Sarsen – .

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