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EM121 EPOXY RUST PROOFING PAINT IN MEDIUM GREY EM121 is our award-winning Epoxy Mastic paint, suitable for brushing and spraying. It is supplied as a two component pack, complete with thinner. Equal quantities of component A & B are supplied with each available pack size: the mix ratio is simply 1:1 by volume, plus thinner. Starter and chassis packs are each supplied with 250ml of thinner. The 6 litre packs and 5 litre custom-colour packs are each supplied with 1 litre of thinner. Packs are supplied with mixing instructions, including thinner quantities. All colours can be over painted with single or two pack products, but EM121 also works on its own as a primer-finisher with no need to be over-painted. This product is typically very viscous (thick) and requires a correct mixing procedure and thinning with the supplied thinner. Please therefore follow the instructions to ensure best results, and see the links below for more assistance: View Video: How to mix Epoxy Mastic EM121? Rusty?s Tips: A practical guide on how to use this product? Product Reviews " I purchased some EM121 paint a while ago after reading numerous reviews, REALLY impressed with several factors, coverage, lack of mess, no runs, no brush bristles, how long the mixture was useable for and the quality of the results.." Mr A Pearson - May 2019 ?

Product description

2 pack modified high build epoxy rust proofing paint.

Pack description

1.25ltr starter pack covers approx. 5m2. Includes 500ml component A, 500ml component Comp B & 250ml thinner 2.25ltr chassis pack covers approx. 10m2. Includes 1ltr component A, 1ltr component B & 250ml thinner. 6ltr pack covers approx. 25m2. Includes 2.5ltr component A, 2.5ltr component B & 1ltr thinner. 5ltr custom-made colour pack covers approx. 20 m2. Includes 2ltr component A, 2ltr component B & 1ltr thinner.

Application temperature

Can be applied to steel as low as -5c. The steel must be at least 3 degrees above the current dew point. (See our dew point calculator.)


Use only the epoxy thinner supplied, from 5 to 20% max.


Brush or spray


Minimum 1.8mm nozzle or a HB (high build) primer set up. Test atomisation on a test panel first. Viscosity will vary, i.e. thicker in colder temperatures. Data correct at 20c.

Pot life

Pot life?is the time from mixing the two components together to the point at which the mixed?paint?is no longer useable. For EM121, you have 2.5 hours pot life once mixed at 20c ? longer at colder temperatures.

Shelf life

We recommend storing upside down in a dry place at around 20c. In these conditions the product has a shelf life of 12 months. Do not store below 20c as this can affect performance.


Allow any excess mixed paint to cure in your mixing cup and throw away as dry waste.


Clean up with standard thinner or gun wash. Do not thin the paint with standard thinner as this will affect the paint cure.


Use in a well-ventilated atmosphere. Use a respirator face mask when spraying or brushing in an enclosed space. Please see the MSDS (material safety data sheet) in our data sheet area. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection.

? Downloads and Media ? How to EM121 Independent product review P.Cusick 2015 COLOUR CARD Matt Tompkins Practical Classics Morris Minor coated by us. FORD RANGER Coated in Epoxy Mastic for Ford Motor Company for the RNLI Case history RB EM121 Test Data Rv2.pdf

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