Oil Bypass Filters

Oil Bypass Filters

The Filtakleen By-Pass oil Filter is an ultra-fine 1 micron Bypass filtration system suitable for use with a broad range of equipment. It provides the best possible filtration protection against system wear, oil degradation, rust and corrosion. Working in conjunction with the equipments full flow filter, the Filtakleen By-Pass Filter removes any particles in the oil that can cause system damage. The Filtakleen Bypass Filter typically filters all the oil in the system several times per hour, so the system continuously receives analytically clean oil.

The key benefits of using the Filtakleen Bypass Filtration are:

• An extension of Oil Drain and Filter Change Intervals

• An improvment of Oil cooling

• An increase of filtration quality and so an extension of the engine life

• An increase in the fluid system capacity

• An efficiencient removal of small particle and soot

• Reduced cost of oil and full flow filters

• Less wear (up to 90%)

• 1-Micron filtration

• 100% water removal

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