Unique Lubrication System Extends Chain Life

Unique Lubrication System Extends Chain Life

It was Leonardo da Vinci who said that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and, with Interlube’s unique chain lubrication system, it seems that the simple ideas really are the best.

The revolutionary Rotalube® system significantly extends chain life and reduces maintenance costs which is paramount in today’s competitive global market place.

With applications as diverse as theme park rides, car manufacturing plants and bakery ovens, Rotalube® is a precise method of lubricating chain - a patented invention that delivers the right amount of lubricant to the exact point of the chain that enables lubricant to penetrate into the bearing areas.

Comparable drip feed, manual application, brush application and spit/spray systems – while better than no lubrication - have varying degrees of success and can struggle to hit the right spot, especially when chain speeds fluctuate.

Rotalube’s® simple yet precise technology is not affected by speed fluctuation - it simply delivers the right amount of lubricant to the right place every time, lubricating more accurately, efficiently, reliably and reducing lubricant consumption.

Designed by people who know chain and concept proven at University of Lancaster, the calibre and pedigree of the engineering team that has taken this product from concept to creation is unequalled

Rotalube® has a unique porting system that meters lubricant through precision ejectors incorporated within the sprocket assembly. Although simple in principle, the science is complex. The interaction from the chain rotates the sprocket applicator and when the ports align within the sprocket body the pressure within the system over comes the back pressure of the ejector nozzles, this results in lubricant delivered onto the link plates of the chain precisely and reliably. From then on the science of capillary action takes over and results in a perfectly lubricated chain that – crucially - extends chain life.

The Rotalube® is a controlled applicator that does not suffer from excessive wear, and maintains accurate lubrication whatever the condition of chain.

Rotalube® is available as standard in four sizes ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, & 1” – the modular design extends the product offering from simplex to duplex & triplex. Bespoke solutions using Rotalube® technology for other sizes are available on request.

Interlube has developed a new low cost "ACR" pump specifically to operate with standard Rotalube applicators. The 24V DC "ACR" pump has fully adjustable run and dwell settings and is pre programmed to open and shut a solenoid valve that will allow air to mix with the metered oil output from the pump.

The system can be used throughout the food, automobile, steel, fiberglass and cement industries. Typical applications that can benefit include food processing machines, industrial dryers, tissue converting factories, waste paper conveyors, truck manufacturing plants, escalators and elevators.

Interlube offers full technical advice on design and installation for bespoke systems. The company recently designed and installed two such systems One an oil lubrication system that feeds six Rotalube applicators mounted inside an oven, first cleaning the chains with a constant air supply before the lubrication unit delivers a set amount of oil to each feed.

The second, a Rotalube for chains on a chocolate moulding line. The Rotalube had an additional row of centre nozzles that ensured lubricant was applied to the roller and therefore coating the guides that supports the chains. This application will not only improve the life of the chains but has already shown an 81.5% reduction in cleaning time.

Interlube’s high quality and reliable products help to keep trucks, buses, trailers, cranes, quarries and heavy-duty production lines moving reliably 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Interlube Systems Ltd has been manufacturing lubrication equipment in the UK since 1922. The company was the subject of a management buy-out in 2000 and the US distribution business was bought from Invensys in 2002. MSP Distributors Limited and Filtakleen Manufacturing were acquired in 2007.

The company is a world leader in lubrication solutions and, with facilities in Plymouth (UK), Asia, Dayton Ohio (USA), China and Brazil, it offers a global service to its growing customer base.

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