Low Cost Fuel Klenze Filter Means Clean Fuel and Efficient Engines

Low Cost Fuel Klenze Filter Means Clean Fuel and Efficient Engines

In the quest for engine performance, efficiency and environmental benefits, technologies are emerging at an impressive rate.

But modern engines are increasingly sensitive to fuel contamination, which can cause engine wear and damage to components.

Contaminants such as water, sediment and bacteria cause engines to operate inefficiently, affecting fuel economy, shortening engine life and increasing emissions.

Furthermore, a worn engine is more prone to mechanical problems, likely to need servicing more often and will even use more oil because of poor fuel quality.

Diesel fuel can easily become contaminated during transportation and storage; biodiesels are particularly prone to contamination and water absorption.

Fuel cleaning with the low cost Fuel Klenze Filter will ensure optimum fuel quality, keep fuel injectors, filters and tanks clean, minimise maintenance and downtime and – crucially - provide optimal engine efficiency and performance.

Most filters rely on paper, which needs regular replacement and generates waste.

It’s far better to eliminate contaminants before they enter the engine, as it will operate more efficiently and have an increased lifespan when provided with fuel that is free from particulates and water contaminants.

Using an entirely new and unique filter design, the low cost Fuel Klenze Filter fundamentally delivers cleaner fuel - virtually eliminating filter volume and saving time and money on repairs. This significantly improves fuel economy and extends the life of the engine and standard fuel filter whilst reducing emissions and landfill due to waste.

The system uses a long-life filter element; an osmotic process separates fuel from 99.9% of visible water - including emulsified water - allowing only pure fuel to pass through.

A 30 micron stainless steel mesh removes 95% of solid contaminants, further purifying the fuel. Separated water, sediments and sludge are drained using the valve at the bottom of the unit.

No replacement of filter element or cartridge is required. The reusable long-life filter element is easily washed in clean fuel should it become blocked, and reinstalling this requires no tools.

Various models are available to suit engines of all sizes, from 150 up to 1200 horse power.

Environmental Benefits

Not only will the low cost Fuel Klenze Filter increase the life of the standard fuel filter and reduce the amount of land fill due to fewer fuel filter replacements; fewer trees will be cut down as a result of the paperless lifetime element.

Tests prove that providing fuel that is free from water and suspended particulates will increase the engine’s life, power and efficiency, significantly improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

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