The RTC-1010 for load Bank Interface and Control

The RTC-1010 for load Bank Interface and Control

From hospitals and ports to oil and gas, data centers, and other critical infrastructure, performing routine maintenance and checks on power supplies and generators is vital to ensure continued operation during power outages and events such as black outs and brown outs. One tool in this important task is the load bank, a machine which creates an electrical load to test the viability of power supplies and generators safely, without having to actually cut power. Load banks vary in size, some the size of desktop computers, while the largest units rival in size the industrial generators they support. These larger load banks are often permanently installed, and can be controlled remotely thanks to devices such as tablet PCs. Recently, a world leading load bank manufacturer was looking to replace the tablet-based control interfaces offered with their lineup of products. They needed a rugged tablet system which could not only be used with new load bank installations, but also offer compatibility with existing installations, offering current customers with an upgrade, allowing the manufacturer to fulfill their promise of long-term support and service for their products. The manufacturer was faced with a critical challenge, to find a rugged tablet PC solution that could easily integrate with existing machinery, operate in the wide range of environments their products were deployed to, and provide a common platform with reliable performance to simplify their supply line and make maintenance as easy as possible. The company reached out to RDS, who partnered with AAEON to provide a rugged mobile computing solution with the RTC-1010 10.1” rugged tablet PC.

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