New Tianma Statement on Product Longevity

New Tianma Statement on Product Longevity

In uncertain times it is useful to know the long-term availability of products you rely on. We at RDS and Tianma are proud to be part of your supply chain and successful business. Tianma have released a statement regarding longevity and long term support. The Full Statement can be read here Tianma Product Longevity Statement below is a summary. We would like to clarify any concerns you may have regarding product longevity of either TM or NL product lines. Due to recent circumstances it is tricky for all display manufacturers to keep a stable supply, Tianma can announce that we will continue to sell and support our current product lines with no EOL (End of life) announcements or factory shut downs. Moreover, to enhance further stability, Tianma has been taking actions with the following policies: Mutual back up manufacturing support between our China factory and Japan factory. Multi-vendor management for key components. (EG. Japanese and Chinese suppliers) Even if we experience EOL of key-components, our primary policy is to apply 2nd source to keep product availability. This may lead to minor changes or in some cases part number change. Any changes will be communicated through our PCN (Product Change Notice) procedure. If any of our standard product are forced EOL, our policy is to develop models with similar or backwardly compatible specifications to make direct replacement easy. We have been in the industrial display market for more than 20 years and we recognize the importance of a stable supply and longevity support. We hope these policies will give you “peace-of-mind” on our commitment to long term supply and support when using our products. If you have any further questions, please kindly contact RDS on 01959 563 345

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