Covid resistance anti-bacterial film for touchscreen-based display systems

Covid resistance anti-bacterial film for touchscreen-based display systems

In the current climate health and hygene are paramount considerations. RDS believes in the design and engineering teams around the world to innovate and build the systems of the future. Today we announce the availability of a nano-silver anti-bacterial laminate film that can be used to enhance the safety of touchscreen-based healthcare equipment, point-of-sale and self-service public display systems. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought the continued use of touchscreen-based display systems into sharp focus during recent months. Consumers are particularly concerned about residual bacteria and the ease in which germs can be transmitted. The cleanliness and hygiene of touch monitors used by the public or located in healthcare facilities has become significantly more important. Interactive touchscreen-based display systems are known hotspots for bacteria and germs. Review Display Systems continously looks for new solutions to help designers and engineers come up with new products that fit into an ever changing world. Our anti-bacterial technology can help to eliminate 99.9% of microbial bacteria traditionally found on these high-contact touch surfaces. Without the film, bacteria can live on the touchscreen surface and can quickly spread to others who interact with the device. Systems currently in use can be fitted with the film, cheaply and safely to lengthen the lifespan of the device. The anti-microbial film is currently available in sizes up to 32-inch although bespoke, custom sizes can easily be prepared. The anti-microbial film can be placed over the exterior surface of a touchscreen to effectively combat harmful bacteria. The technology is just one of the many innovations RDS has on offer, Some anti-bacterial solutions work by poisoning the bacteria, this is the typical way a silver based systems works. There are some potential issues where silver tolerance can build up in bacteria creating superbugs. For this reason RDS has alternate non-silver solutions based on films and cover glass that actively attacks bacteria, this eliminates the chance of bacterial resistance. Both solutions offer significant reduction in bacteria and virus loads on touch surfaces for both exisiting and new devices. The anti-bacterial films and cover glass are available immediately from Review Display Systems. Contact RDS on 01959 563 345

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