What is a ClearMask? And who are they for? 2022

What is a ClearMask? And who are they for? 2022

If you know us at Rapid Fire Supplies, you will know that we love the ClearMask. If you’re new here, no worries, you’re in the right place to learn all about this fantastic product.

Why ClearMask? The ClearMask is a United States made clear face mask promoting clarity, comfort and connection. These masks were first designed in 2017 and became a lifeline for people during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As millions of people across the world donned their cloth, surgical or FFP2 face masks to protect themselves, other specific groups of people were left behind.

For example: RNID (Royal National Institute for Deaf people), Deafblind UK, the National Deaf Children’s Society and other organisations helping those with hearing impairments/loss expressed their concerns about face coverings when they were introduced.

A person who is deaf or experiences hearing loss relies on facial expressions and lip reading to communicate. When half of the face is covered these people can no longer connect with others in public spaces. The need for a solution was more than apparent.

Say hello to the ClearMask! Clarity The ClearMask has built in proprietary anti-fog technology. Anti-fog is a coating applied to the transparent part of the ClearMask which prevents condensation occurring. This ensures that the mask does not impede someone who is looking at your face for verbal cues.

Comfort There are different types of comfort the ClearMask can offer. Firstly, it is comfortable to wear. A foam band keeps the mask in place on your face for long-lasting comfort. The EZ adjuster strap is incredibly easy to put on. The strap does not touch the ears and it can be quickly sized for the perfect fit – Our ClearMask Video shows you how to do this.

Secondly, the ClearMask is latex free this prevents the risk of an allergic reaction for those who are sensitive to latex.

Thirdly, peace of mind can be found whilst wearing the ClearMask. You can be reassured in the knowledge that you are helping others, as well as protecting yourself. Furthermore, the ClearMask recently became medically approved by HSE (the Health and Safety Executive).

Connection 55% of all human interaction is visual. The ClearMask lets us connect with one another while offering protection from viruses such as COVID-19.

Share your smile with the ClearMask and improve communication with others. This study shows that doctors who wore a ClearMask were seen as better communicators, more empathetic and more trustworthy than those wearing non-transparent masks.

Who are ClearMasks for? Ok, so now you know how brilliant ClearMasks are, but who are they suited to? The best answer is:


But, there are some environments and work places with specific needs that would really benefit from ClearMasks.

ClearMasks for Children and in Schools Children in secondary schools across the UK and beyond have put on their masks to keep one another safe. This can be extremely hard for young people and detrimental to their social connections. Wearing a ClearMask enables them to see subtle expressions, smiles and emotions, making it a lot easier to make friends.

It can also benefit teachers who will be able to communicate more effectively with their classes.

Masks in school ClearMasks for Care Homes Care home workers have been an essential part of the work force for years. The pandemic has highlighted how key they are to the functioning of society. Being in a care home, now more than ever, can be a risk for spreading diseases and viruses. Therefore, adequate protection is of uttermost importance. However, the traditional face covering can make residents feel isolated and they may struggle to hear what their carer’s are saying. ClearMasks solve this issue in a heartbeat.

ClearMasks for Medical Staff As mentioned above, doctors are seen as more trustworthy when wearing a ClearMask. Patients have also commented that they feel they are more easily understood when wearing a mask. Understanding symptoms early can be the difference between a prescription or a trip to A&E, the ClearMask helps people to be better understood whilst keeping them safe.

ClearMasks for Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) This is a role where seeing the face is absolutely vital. To help a patient, SLPs need to identify the set up of the vocal tract and the positioning of the articulators. If they cannot do this, it is very unlikely they will be able to help a patient to the level they usually do. ClearMask makes it possible to see where the patient may be struggling allowing SLPs to help them make different sounds.

ClearMasks for Theatre The theatre industry is a fast-moving place where lots of people may be mixing. During the pandemic masks helped to slow the spread and get theatre back up and running. ClearMasks allow actors and audiences to show emotions and expressions without barriers and while staying safe. See our case study of ClearMasks in theatre here.

ClearMasks for Courtrooms A face needs to be fully seen when being judged by a jury. ClearMasks have helped this process and protected people in several US courts e.g. U.S. District Court: Central District of California, Supreme Court of Florida, Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Rounding Up Wearing face masks have saved many lives over the past couple of years. Continuing to wear them in busy spaces and around vulnerable people protects you and others. When you choose to wear the ClearMask you are choosing to be accessible, to connect with others and to show your smile.

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